Once Again TP Craziness Hits Hawaii!

Back in 1971 Hawaii was hit hard by the 100-day West Coast dock strike. Hawaii residents recalled this strike that created a food & toilet paper shortage. So whenever any hint of another shipping strike surfaces the TP is the first to disappear off the shelfs. Costco & Walmart ran out in only a few days!

Today i hit Costco to buy eggs & bread. But because Trump declared a national emergency this morning due to the corona virus concerns i couldn’t find parking at Costco. Had to park on the street. Had lines to buy paper towels to diapers. But no toilet paper. Took me over an hour just to buy 2dz eggs & 2 loafs of sweet bread. Had to forego gas as the lines were ridiculous.

Then i went to Walmart to get Beneful for my chihuahua Peanut Butter. I again saw the lines but i parked in the back at the Garden Dept & got my dod food. I saw a filipina lady making off with a bunch of toilet paper in her cart. Another lady told me she found a plastic wrapped pallet full of TP in the middle of the store & cut into it w/a razor knife. She was packing a razor knife?

I alerted a male stocker who helped everyone to whatever TP was left. He gave me a pack. I had plenty at home but thought getting another pack wouldn’t hurt. People are CRAZY out there!

Thanks Walmart:)
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Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii – Again!

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