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To The Garden | Nina and Jeff learning about Fruits and Vegetables | Carrot It’s never too early to start little ones on healthful eating habits. Ask Nina and Jeff, two energetic mini-monsters who live in a garden full of wonderfully nutritious goodies. In To The Garden, these adorable little fiends cultivate a love of fruits and vegetables through fun-filled songs, rhymes and quizzes. “What is that orange thing buried in the ground?” “What are those red balls doing up in that tree?” They plant, hoe, harvest, and picnic their way to teaching kids the importance of fresh produce for a healthy diet. To The Garden makes small appetites grow monstrous for nature’s bounty. Video Rating: / 5 Peppa Pigs Garden? No – Pig Rototiller in the Gardens. We use pigs in the garden as an alternative to our Troy-Bilt rototiller for tilling the gardens here on the homestead. W keep the younger pigs in a movable pen made with hog panels, that we can move every couple of days to a new part of the garden. They keep it weed free , nicely cultivated and fertilized at the same time. A good rototiller can do a very nice job of cultivating the ground, but they cannot remove the weeds as they go and they don’t fertilize the ground in such a natural, organic way. Using pigs is quite a natural solution to rototilling and maintaining the soil in the garden especially where the reason that the hogs root around in the soil is to find roots to eat. This makes them highly efficient rototillers that are also natural weed control. As they find weeds and roots, they eat them and convert them into high quality organic fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. Watch “Surprise! New Duroc Pigs”: Please share, […]

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  • Sara Laufert 4 years ago

    I used to love this show when I was young?

  • Feeqaah Aji 4 years ago

    do you have any minus one for the song??

  • Nival Hossain 4 years ago

    I love this show????????????????????????

  • sermyang 4 years ago

    I love the fact that you have a great way to get a job ?

  • Kim Roman 4 years ago

    Why peel the carrot??

  • Queli Queliza 4 years ago

    To The garden?

  • LoomingLps 55 4 years ago

    OMG! My little sister used to watch this!!?

  • Brandondorf Raguz 4 years ago

    brodway video?

  • Jaspreet Kaur 4 years ago


  • Venkatesha Harshavardhana 4 years ago

    nice way to introduce kids to vegetables?

  • DisneyToys SurpriseEggs 4 years ago

    Funny ;)?

  • Leila Mireskandari 4 years ago

    I used this in my kindergarten gardening class. The kids LOVED it big time!!!!! How can I find more episodes? After I showed them this, no other gardening video attracts them. They all want to keep watching this one! Is more coming?

  • TheRagteddy 4 years ago

    shut the fuck up you stupid ass nigger loving goyem

  • Sucheta Saklana 4 years ago

    so cute..and educating

  • david gebhardt 4 years ago

    when are there gonna be more episodes?

  • LTraveler83 4 years ago

    You can eat carrot leaves.

  • Cinetony 4 years ago

    Man I remember the some like wen I was five

  • KidsPlanet 4 years ago

    Cool video?

  • Teresa H 4 years ago

    That was great! Don't think I could have pigs, but it sure was interesting.?

  • 5winder 4 years ago

    That's real American ingenuity. God bless you.?

  • ahbsoft 4 years ago

    ???? ???? ???? ????????

  • frank winkles 4 years ago

    Another fine video?

  • Nathan Colwill 4 years ago

    when is the tuck coming with your son thank you?

  • HWhit9000 4 years ago

    Pigs are a good all around land clearing machines, they will clear underbrush, wild blackberry bushes, and weeds… And best of all, they can be made into some great bacon.?

  • Theredneck Prepper 4 years ago

    Hire them out for breaking gardens / packing new ponds !?

  • Roger Gregory 4 years ago

    thy like to eat snakes too got snakes get a pig ,no more snake . If you put a ring in the nose they will not deg no more . I love the sound of the geese?

  • Chip Wright 4 years ago

    Wow, those pigs were really going at it! I didn't realize that they root in the ground that aggressively. I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to let them graze on the front lawn for too long :)?

  • lidsman2221 4 years ago

    How do your kids feel when its time to kill the pigs? Do you let them see that part? I am not going to judge you if you do. I think its good to see where our food comes from. I hope you will film the whole thing when you do decide its time for them to become food and post it on your channel. Just put up a disclaimer.?

  • MrYoutub59 4 years ago

    wow they are having fun and growing nicely . did I hear you say the smoke house is done ? did I miss something? how did it turn out? I do wount to build one I got a small wood stove and working on the rest. been working on a play house for my granddaughter Zoey .well keep the pigs digging lol how is the bull doing??

  • Tracy Good 4 years ago

    We LOVE our pigs! They are the BEST rototillers! :)?

  • Kiki Ski 4 years ago

    Watching those pigs dig and till was amazing!! They are more like super rototillers…man can they plow their way through that garden….and like you say…they are fertilizing as they go…that's a plus for the pigs over any piece of machinery. You

  • Delbert Mccormick 4 years ago

    Looking Tasty?

  • ???? ??? ?????? 4 years ago

    ?? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????????

  • Vajan Hirori 4 years ago

    can u do an update on the river??

  • wizard1396 4 years ago

    A new business venturee, rental pigs for roto-tilling, lol Looks like the weather is still pretty nice, time for a swim. Amazing how tough those noses are! Did they find 1/2 a worm for SkyGuy??

  • Robert the Mole Smith 4 years ago

    wow! they were really going at it, that's awesome!
    big thumbs up!?

  • Ivan Del Rio 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tip….I will use this method in the future…?