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Kids gardening is a fun activity that can be had with children besides playing. Kids can learn many things from gardening; about how plants grow, how to take care of the plants, how to be patient to wait the plants growing, and so on. In order to have nice gardening with kids, some tips below may help. Special Beds for the Children Any kind’s bed you have; raised bed, ground, or containers, each kid should have their own bed. Just give them small bed based on their age. Give light and best soil for the bed and then put the plots in the center. To make a bed, you can reuse sandbox. It is not only providing the perfect size of bed, but also will make the kids responsible to their own sandbox bed. It also can enable the children to continue the ownership to their younger brother or sister. Besides, you can make sure the soil quality in the sandbox. When the location get less sunlight, you can relocate it to ideal area. Make them Doing the Entire Process of Gardening In the process of kids gardening, give them serious tools. Don’t use toy tools because they can be frustrated if they have broken their tools. Just give the real tools but adjust the handle size so it fits the small hands. Let them use the tools so they can know the importance of the tools while gardening. Gardening will make them contributing the wellbeing of the family. Make sure they have the entire process from seeding to the serving of the crops on the table. Let them see how the plants grow from the seeds; nutrition, sunlight, and water needed to grow; as well as the care from pests. Sometimes, you can cheat a little to help the […]

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