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Peperomia plants are not difficult to grow, but if you feel like you could benefit from some care tips, here they are. Join me! Websites: Houseplant 411 The National Gardening Association Video Rating: / 5 We recently had a Plant Day at Moss Haven Elementary. This school holds a special place in our hearts as it is located a couple of miles from our National Center. It is also a pilot garden for our program and is testing an irrigation system for us. We had many volunteers from the National Center get their hands dirty and participate in the activities for the day. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to grow houseplants | Indoor Gardening tips | Keep your houseplants aliveIndoor Succulent Care: 5 Tips for keeping your indoor succulents healthy3 DIY Tips for Watering Succulents & TerrariumsIndoor Gardening TipsGardening Tips: Growing Corn in Hills (Ep 12)How To Grow Tomato Plants – Growing Tomato Tips

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  • mstruth313 1 year ago

    I just got this in Walmart a week ago thank you soooo much!!!!!

  • debjani bhowmick 1 year ago

    How about Hoya, Hindu rope plant.
    U have a beautiful collection.

  • Terri McCarty 1 year ago

    Very informative information on the plant,,, thanks for sharing. I had my plant half direct sun and half shade. I now know to care for my plant

  • Gabor Simic 1 year ago

    Thanks for this lovely informative video. Interestingly, mine are growing on a sunny, southwest facing windowsill, and have done so for many years without any damage to the foliage. In fact, the leaves intensify their colour this way. But I do need to stay on top regular watering as they sometimes drop their leaves…

  • Maud Makhlouta 1 year ago

    Thank you this vid was very helpful. I've just bought a tiny one and now I know to care for it 🙂

  • Tina Pippen-Blackford 1 year ago

    I'm interested in propagation of peperomia clusiifolia tricolour, and or other peperomia plants please. Thank you

  • MrPoohbae1000 1 year ago

    Rattle snake plant and how to propagate

  • Frances Coss 1 year ago

    Hi just saw several of your videos and happily , picked up 2 peperomia clusifolia a few days ago. I went to Lowes clearance and rescued 2 small plants. They are pretty beat up…. There is new growth starting on both, and some leaves are quite large, so decided to give them a chance. They are together in a nice pot and are enjoying the humid weather, no direct sun. Like I said, several of the leaves are pretty beat up. Is trimming some of the broken leaves a good idea? Removing broken leaves is not an option, I probably wouldn't have a plant if I took all broken leaves off. Honestly our Lowes does a TERRIBLE job with houseplants I've complained about it and nothing ever changes….

  • Yasmine B 1 year ago

    Panda paws please

  • Sarah Pearl 1 year ago

    I just bought one of these! this was very helpful, thanks 🙂

  • Tammi Galligan 1 year ago

    Great video very informative. I would like to see a how to care for a Red Aglaonema having problems with mine. I think I may have over watered it. Thanks!

  • Gloria Rivera 1 year ago

    the first one i got of this kind , the plant had already been watered so when i got it from a friend he came and watered it again then gave it to me . i didn't know anything about the plant so i went giving it too much water sadly didn't survive but recently i got me another one its doing really well . just like you said i allow it to go dry completely give it a little bit of water not too much like before repeating the process.

  • My Small Space Indoor Garden 1 year ago

    oh my gosh,i wish i can find this in my local garden center,beautiful.

  • Plant Hoarding Adventures 1 year ago

    I love all peperomias exactly for those meaty waxy leaves <3 lately i went a little crazy and my pep collection it growing 🙂 thanks for the tips i just got the tricolor few days ago and im so inlove!

  • do a video on zz plant

  • Retro Ray's Succulents AKA retroraysrealm 1 year ago

    Awesome channel beautiful plants love your succulent Videos!

  • laura serrano 1 year ago

    Thanks just what I need!

  • Santos Trejo 1 year ago

    I go to that school it is the best

  • Santos Trejo 1 year ago

    I go to that school it is the best school ive been there

  • Hank Wasiak 1 year ago

    Great to see this come to life with kids. Enabling and empowering future generations to live healthy. Proud to be part of this.