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  • Mark Miranda 1 week ago

    20 bands lol I love to listen to berner too

  • D&D Bro's 1 week ago

    Hydro sucks

  • BFB-DanceySteve 1 week ago

    4:52 I fart bigger bubbles than this in the bathtub.

  • Kkrollings Kkrollings 1 week ago

    I am thinking of trying dwc with Korean natural farming inputs like fpj, faa, lactobacillus as a former of hydro gard. What are your thoughts on this anyone's input would be great. I get great results using these inputs in soil. Great advice.

  • John Jones 1 week ago

    Really beautiful buds. Thanks for the info.

  • Joseph Neri 1 week ago

    nice looking grow. Was wondering what part of mass you from? i'm from the milford area would love to link up and have you look at my spot and go over a few things as far as the grow goes

  • Matthew daffern 1 week ago

    no wonder hahahahah wow

  • Matthew daffern 1 week ago

    you didnt have the quad port air pump hooked up right lol

  • keefer green 1 week ago

    MiiCROBIAL MASS!!! that shit is awesome..i used it once so far and it changed the game…and i made a ghettom chiller where i use a home depot pail…i onlly have a 4 port air pump…but i use 2 ports for each bucket..i have the warm air ends of the hoses..going into the lid of the pail..i used the same grommets for the L drain pipe thinger..i have 2 hoses per grommet… top and ensure the cold stays in the bucket… so i use the super stiff air hose and i wrap it around a full one gallon distilled water jug(i use 2 and change it every in the in the freezer..) anyways…so i wrap that shit so that it fits snug…to that jug..and i use zip ties along the wrap to hold it in place…so once its done…i have two hoses going to each bucket…and the hoses meet in the middle of the bottom of each bucket with a simple connector..(gotta put the hoses on two at a time..or shut the pump off to put them on..cos if you put one and not the other,,.youre getting SOAKED!!LOL) i poke holes in the bottom part of the hose loop in the 3 holes on each side of the little plastic connector is sufficient.. Check this out,..i only figured this out cos my water was coming out of the tap at 22*c which was WAY outside the 16-19 window of optimal i spent 2 WEEKS day in day out,..trying to hack this shit…as my buckets were at 26-28* and i was getting the rot…so i put it together..and i almost fucking prayed for it to work or my grow was done..i cant afford no store bought one ya know, next day i go down…water is 27….but the rot is getting better..same thing the next day…i was DUMBFOuNDED…however…the thing is this..the air coming out of my ghetto chiller was COLD…SO cold that i cant use air stones as they clog up and rot due to the water in the hot air,..condensing in my air hoses….(hence the two line loop with the poked holes method) The ice cold bubble..doesnt hang around long enough to alter the temp of the water…but when that bubble breaches the water surface…ALLLL the particulates its made up of are ICE cold…and i never had the rot EVER again…and my water could be 28*c and mother nature had to accept that I HACKED HER ASS!!! hahahh sorry for the life story..but this DWC video is the best one…and i just wanted to tell people a way to make it WORK with no chiller in the HOTTEST weather..also make sure you have the air hose flat on the bottom of the that you can do like the guy in thevideo said..and drop that water level WAY down…ive even let it go till it was just sputtering upwards the last bit of water..but you could feel the cold in that GAP buddy was talking about…take the lid off and it was yea…thats how to hack the chill…and mama nature, hahah one love yalls!

  • Kassina Lynn 1 week ago

    I am new to the growing community and sometimes people’s explanations on YouTube are kind of confusing. YOURS WAS PERFECT! Thank you for being straight to the point, great content!

  • Rob Radcliff 1 week ago

    Been watching for a cpl weeks. Subscribed today. Really enjoy the in depth breakdowns for those of us who don't yet have the knowledge to fly on our own. Thank you for what you do bro! It dies matter, and it is love in this form too, doesn't all gotta be hugs and kisses! Happy growing!

  • Denzel Taylor 1 week ago

    Pro tip for the air stones soak them in 50ml 34% peroxide and 100ml of water for a few hours while running to make them all work better and fix the dud issue

  • Biologic Budz 1 week ago

    Way to go man, pro tips!

  • Old Colony Media 1 week ago

    Looking good bro. I'm in your area. Always done rockwool. Thinking about making the switch. Have always been paranoid about maintaining res temps in new England.

  • Neal Unger 1 week ago

    How often do you swap out the water?

  • Xonix 1 week ago

    "67-68°, Obviously you guys won't keep your room that cold"

    laughs in 62°

  • tay baby 1 week ago

    so if my water temp is 73 i wont get any growth?