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This is a preview of the tiny home Earthship with a living roof garden at Colony Earth. It is one of the structures at the Eco Village. many thanks and mad respect to: Michael Reynolds Jack Spirco Steve Harris Paul Wheaton Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsArt of living in a Dordogne tiny mud home with living roofTiny Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof – Off Grid Straw Bale CabinLiving roofs on home extensionsNatural building myths: tiny homes and green roofsShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.


Green Roofs


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  • Julie Ouimet 1 year ago

    Thanks for uploading the video. I subscribed as you have a lot of quick useful videos just the way I like it. love your mini-scale "Earthship" Its really cool & don't let others tell you what you cant call it because, You can call it whatever you want its yours. Earth ship is a vague term some company (Earthship Intl.) coined & took its name after. It has many meanings to many people ^ I think your tiny house meets most of the criteria so don't let others tell you what to name your tiny house. Wikipedia definition: Type of passive solar house (like your solar design windows south facing vents etc.) made of natural & recycled materials (like your cob & locust beam construction including glass bottles etc.)…intended to be off grid ready, use natural resources especially the sun, natural cross ventilation & thermal mass to control temperature (eg. cob construction, earth berm, living roof, vents & south facing windows with screens, solar panels battery & banks. which you have included). As far as the water cycling goes you've got that covered with the rainwater for all your needs & grey water for your plants & I'm assuming you will have a compost toilet or septic tank so I think there isn't a whole heck of a lot anyone could do to more qualify a tiny house than get a few dwarf fruit trees in front of the window. Lol By the way where do you live that the codes will allow for alternative construction? I am thinking of moving out of Florida they are not into the green movement & have rigid codes..

  • Aubrey Awaken 1 year ago

    Great Vid Xman…I'm following your thing now Brother…will be fully involved with your project…Full Resonance, Man!  check out my Linkedin Aubrey Pearson…very interested in being a Council Member…big Project Management experience with the Oil Boys but also some serious Planet Cleaning (managing EPA Superfund Projects)….what I like about you Xav..your hands on and you know your sh*t.  Keep it moving!

  • Jordan Opdycke 1 year ago

    monolithic huh? looks a big rock to me!

  • Dylan Tilley 1 year ago

    Success after all.
    Well done keep up the videos..
    Druids Grove

  • glockman1727ak47 1 year ago

    Man oh man you got to slow it down on that camera work.

  • ImproveYourMagic 1 year ago

    Reynolds needed to invent & coin the word 'Earthship' to define his buildings. Thermal Mass aside, recycling the rain into drinking water, then to indoor Planter water, then to toilet water, then into black water creating on-site sewage treatment, (natures way). As well as the ability to grow some tropical fruit 'Indoors' in Canada are 2 essential parts of Earthships. I define anything else as green living or Eco-Friendly homes. Huge props for doing your part in what you are building.

  • Xavier Hawk 1 year ago

    also…we make use of whats available. i think what would be constructive is defining exactly what makes an earthship…thanks for your support BTW!

  • Xavier Hawk 1 year ago

    i appreciate your perspective! from my thinking what makes an earthship an earthship is its ability to harvest water, food, power, and provide thermoregulation.

    i have a foundation for an earthship on our property that is reclaimed jimmy johns (those big concrete blocks along highways) it isnt tires and wont look like a standard earthship bu will technically be one. i dont think tires are a prerequisite for earthships personally.

  • ImproveYourMagic 1 year ago

    I dig it. I would take Earthship out of the title since it doesn't have anything to do with Earthships. I've visited & slept in them. The similarity between this (as cool as it is) does not resemble a Earthship in any shape or form.

  • Planting Freedom - athatcher85 1 year ago

    i love it bro!!! " the tiny earth ship" everything someone would need, food water and shelter. definitely the only tiny earthship i have ever seen. thanks for sharing brother!!!