Installation timelapse of North America’s Largest Living Wall (aka Green Wall, Vertical Garden or Mur Vegetal) by Green over Grey.
Location : Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (Guildford Town Centre).
Size : 10,150 square feet, double sided. Over 50,000 individual plants, mostly native to British Columbia.
Designer / installer :
This unique, award winning installation is made of 100 % recycled materials.
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This is an Outdoor vertical garden that is installed by Vertical Green 1 week ago (14.03.2010). This structure is inspired by Patrick Blanc’s Mur Vegetal, commonly known as green wall, biowall & living wall, comes with a moisture recycling automatic irrigation system. I will post videos of this vertical garden on a monthly basis to demonstrate the progress of the vegetation growth. Do visit my facebook ( and webpage at !!
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Timelapse : Largest Living Wall in North America (Green over Grey)

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