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Pui-Kwan Chu: Designer. Foodie. Urban Gardener/Farmer. Filmed at TEDxHappyValley ‘Radical Resilience’ on Saturday April 13th 2013. Talk 3, Session 1: ‘Stimul… Related PostsAll About Vegetable Gardening Taught in a Real Time Series: Subscribe, Learn, Grow & Ask QuestionsDear First Time Gardener, You CAN Grow Food | How To Start Gardening | Roots and Refuge FarmAll About Vegetable Gardening Taught in a Real Time Series: Subscribe, Learn, Grow & Ask QuestionsCLICK & GROW SMART GARDEN UNPACKING AND SETUP | urban and indoor gardening The Daily Wonders“Aero Grow Kit´s Serie” , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische Systeme,“Aero/Aqua Vertical Grow” Serie , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische Systeme

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  • nyengster 5 years ago

    He must be a system of a Down fan ;D
    Trying to save the world, and uses B.Y.O.B ;D?

  • Bart Fox 5 years ago

    Is the speaker he or she??

  • karl kemble 5 years ago

    Those boxes you showed are way too small . Little boxes are no good .
    Lettuce and spinach will bolt faster in warmer boxes(ng) . Put your plants
    right in the ground . One productive tomato plant takes about 10 or 12
    square feet . Peppers about 6-8 SF each plant .Broccoli 4-6 SF Do not
    overcrowd .Give them all the space they need . successful gardening takes a
    lot of space if you don’t want to be plagued with pests and diseases .
    Well grown plants get big . Vines like cucumbers and melons need space and
    air to prevent fungus . Beans too . Like organic suckers ? SEARCH ORGANIC
    HOAX . Thank God for your harvest . Take advice from success .?

  • Theerasak Musigawan 5 years ago

    Time To Grow: Urban Gardening: Pui-Kwan Chu at TEDxHappyValley
    by TEDx Talks?

  • Binyamin Klempner 5 years ago

    Excellent talk. Pui-Kwan Chu certainly inspires me both to start urban
    farming as well as to being playing with urban growing art that both
    educates and inspires. Thank you.?

  • Esmeralda Diana 5 years ago

    Even the banana??

  • Fleora Aten 5 years ago

    MARCUS U ARE SO RUDE AND IMMATURE.. Why vegans are idiots?????? eating
    anything with a face is being idiotic?

  • AGPMandavel 5 years ago

    what a funky little dude. but good points he has.?

  • Michael Jendryke 5 years ago

    What is organic??

  • cristina sheehan 5 years ago

    All modern bananas are genetically modified! But that doesn’t mean they’re

  • mary white 5 years ago

    Very good!?

  • John Baldwin 5 years ago
  • wing lu 5 years ago