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High Definition time lapse of three tomato plants sprouting and growing. The days listed in the bottom left corner of the screen are days since planting. The text in the bottom right indicates when the plants were watered. The pennies stuck in the pot are merely to show scale. Details: Seeds: Super Beefsteak Tomato Soil: Premium Potting Soil Lighting: 4 x 40W (160W) Sylvania cool white fluorescent bulbs (shop lights) Camera: Canon Rebel XT (full manual mode) 400 ISO, f/25, 1/40 Interval: 10 minutes Photo Count: 2,158 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTime Lapse of Chilli Plant Indoor Gardening. Growing in its 7th week | ChilliTime Lapse of Sweet Basil. 7th Week Plant Growing. Indoor Gardening | BasilDancing Hydroponics Time LapseLima Bean Time LapseGreen Toys Indoor Gardening Kit Sprouts Time LapseCannabis Grow Results Time Lapse To Harvest

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  • Priya Jain 1 year ago

    wow this is amazing! my tomato plant just started growing and I can't wait it to grow more

  • MrNinjaGamer 1 year ago

    water is like a drug for plants

  • I love love love this. I thought I was doing something wrong. …I just need to practice more patience. …

  • ellinikolupidio 1 year ago


  • slowmow guy 1 year ago

    next time use music

  • Marsel Music 1 year ago

    3 cute dancers

  • JCR creations 1 year ago

    Absolutely Excellent Video, Could you contact me with details on how we can work together

  • Louis Fresta 1 year ago

    Looks like they needed more frequent watering as they grew larger. It's interesting seeing how the plant responds. Thanks a lot for this video.

  • wise dog 1 year ago

    where is do they feed there plant water lol

  • Luis Oliveira 1 year ago

    My plants are 21 days old at the moment and they look just like yours at day 10… What am I doing wrong?

  • James Isaak 1 year ago

    Yet no tomato

  • Mitch Speth 1 year ago

    mine look just like that! must be the same kind of maters.

  • john papple 1 year ago

    it always makes me happy to see them dance around when they come out.

  • Angela Gray 1 year ago

    so I started my tomatoes on April 2, 2016 and today is the 12th.. so mine at 10 days old.. some if my plants it seems are just now like a quarter inch out of the dirt.. the others are like 2 inches maybe 3 tall.. with only like 2-3 leaves. I have potting soil but I'm not using any fertilizer..

  • Josef Christian 1 year ago

    starting to wither
    fresh again

    Love that

  • Maxwell Arthur 1 year ago

    any advice man? my plants will probably take 2 months to reach that!

  • catherine donoghue 1 year ago

    it's amazing how much they move in one day,iv subscribed and liked but I'd love to see something ripening,two the end…

  • TimeLapser Jekyll 1 year ago


  • Siretch 1 year ago

    it perked up after being watered.