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You can license this video for commercial purposes at This is a time lapse video of a dwarf sunflower growing from seed to full flower, then wilting. A version with a beautiful musical score can be found at Unfortunately the flower was too heavy and it collapsed the plant at some point. This video also illustrates the centripetal anthesis present in sunflowers, where the outer flowers mature first and the maturation process extends inwards. I would have attempted to get it to go to seed, but these sunflowers tend to be self-infertile. Providing time lapse videos which illustrate concepts in plant sciences. Videos are free to use for non-commercial purposes. If commercial use is desired, please contact me. Related PostsFrom a Seed to a FlowerHydro Grow LED 189x Time lapse from day 1 to 55Kids in the Garden – Sunflower Seed Harvest! ( Russian Mammoth Sunflowers)Modiwall Vertical Garden DIY time lapseLiving wall fitting | Time lapse Video | How to install living wallsScience – Seed Germination Animation (From seed to plant) – English

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  • Samuel Nagati 1 year ago

    Can I use this video for non-profit for my youtube video ? I will give you all the credits.

  • shortcake41531 1 year ago

    Beautiful. thank you so much for making the video!!!

  • Melanie Gallegos 1 year ago

    this was kind of weird but cool

  • jason esguerra 1 year ago

    hello good day, i would like to ask if i can use your video for my website i am willing to pay if you are not eager to give permission for me to use it for free but it would be much better if you will let me use this for free thanks a lot. :)

  • Jetkid 181 1 year ago

    R.I.P. Sunflower:

  • Jeffrey Charles 1 year ago

    soooo a flower shakes as it grows…

  • Narrator Chara 1 year ago

    dwarf sunflowers likes to wingle
    0:15 0:32 0:49 0:57

  • connerboylego animations 1 year ago


  • iluvmusic 1 year ago

    Amazing video

  • Ankit Creative Lab 1 year ago

    How you have done it by clicking the images or by recording ?

  • Meredith stinchcombe 1 year ago

    The flower is very wobly

  • coco1124 1 year ago

    it shook like crazy right before the flower part of it grew. really creepyyy but also amazing lol

  • HyperFrogHD 1 year ago

    u needed to water 🙁 I'm sad now I world sub if U water your plant :'(

  • The Hollyberry Lady 1 year ago

    How did you supply the plant with light as it grew? What did you use? This is the problem I have when making time lapse videos…plant goes into shock during video because it's been removed from window. Flourescent lights distort coloring. Any suggestions?

  • rin 1996 1 year ago

    How long was the time lapse?

  • toadtime123 1 year ago

    How much time in-between each picture???

  • Mini_Dougnut 46 1 year ago


  • CartoonGaming 1 year ago

    beautiful, thanks for sharing

  • Luca Bonomo 1 year ago

    Dear +mortrek , would it be ok if I include some parts of your video in a clip I made for a friend? thank you in advance. Luca

  • Jasmin Oriundo 1 year ago

    I liked how the plant growed