Tim worked for almost twelve years at Epcot Center’s Living with the Land pavilion at Walt Disney World in Florida — the last five as Chief Horticulturist and Greenhouse Manager. In 2005, he left Disney to launch a one-of-a kind company called Future Growing, where he still serves as President today.

Tim Blank, developer of Tower Garden

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  • Sharon Hyde

    I own 6 Tower Gardens now and I love them. Today I harvested green beans, broccoli, lettuce and some fresh herbs.. I also plan on bringing them indoors once the weather turns cold.

  • Brian Smith

    I was there for opening weekend all those years ago, and have never been back, but this is what I recall the most of next to the old GM exhibition. Am in the process of creating a small lettuce float system. eventually would like to buy a Tower Garden and take advantage of all the knowledge working in that amazing place got you. Cool stuff.

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