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  • Kailash Patel 1 week ago

    Any job farm labour work

  • H2 FARMER 1 week ago

    Dear would You help us to find job seasonaly in USA? thanks , we will countribuite with farmes .

  • H2 FARMER 1 week ago

    Hello dear, I am qualified farm worker , I did trainee in NY and PA few years ago, I am in Peru now. But I woul like to work as H2A farm worker and my family and friens from my community too. but is extremily hard to find the employer that have certification for H2A visa. Would You give some idea how to find temporaly job , in USA ? We respect that Americans need that job, but even fornative people like us it is hard job, a mean for mi it is soft and lovely job, but i think that some americans wont like that job.

  • Lovecraft 1 week ago

    To be perfectly frank, the US is bigger than Europe and could absorb the entire Boer population. Right now we're dealing with a surge in illegal immigration primarily from Latino countries. We deport +300,000 illegals in the past 12 months and absorbed a greater number of legal immigrants. My brother's father-in-law is actually Mexican.

    We're pretty loose with immigration laws, just as long as you know the Feds are absurdly backlogged and there's a lot of paperwork. Among the easier methods is to get a job offer from the states, which can get you an easy work visa. A lot of Boers could easily get an asylum claim through, which you could file in SA or get a tourist visa file here. Green cards take longer but we give a lot of them out, and there are frankly to many visa types to keep track of.

  • Johannes van Vuuren 1 week ago

    Thanks Scott

  • Shekelberg Kvetchestein 1 week ago

    If you need to leave SA, this might be your last chance for the US. World's changing. SA whites, and many others in general, are going to run out of places to run to. Montana is an absolutely beautiful state. Boseman is a paradise. Get there if you can.

  • Cin Coy 1 week ago

    Once you get in. Then there people that will help you. Just come.

  • Cin Coy 1 week ago

    We. Won’t you come.

  • Chris Davis 1 week ago

    I don't know what to think about this. I don't understand why these people are not hiring locals or from other states. There are plenty of Americans looking for jobs. Now, if it's for a particular cause, like 'Helping South Africa' on purpose, I get it. Things in the immigrant department of this country are not stable with the invasion at the border. This surprises me. I will check the links.

  • Terri Di Giacomo 1 week ago

    That is great!!!You are welcome, and needed in America. Those two states are great places to live!!!

  • timber wolf 1 week ago

    Soft genocide is happening in the US as much if not more than South Africa. Watch Adapt2030/ice age farmer to see some of the crop losses in the US. Watch Mike Morales for some of the weaponized weather systems they are using. It is repeat Holodomor, just a different way of taking the food. The new silk road with the brics nations is in the east and they are devovling the US in addition to Trump making war in Venezuela to create millions of legal 'replacement migrants' that the UN has scheduled for the US. States like California are already minority owned and ran and you will be greatly and clearly discriminated against. Move to better locations for resources. But prepare to fight we're you are no white flight because they will just hunt you down whether it is Africa, US, Canada, Europe, worse they will through you in prison for speaking about it. Just look at Tommy Robinson.

  • Boudicca 1 week ago

    All civilised countries should be offering places for the Boer community with their great farming skills. Alas, too many countries in the west only seem to welcome benefit scroungers, rapists & terrorists. Whatever chance you have please take it. Nothing is worth giving your life/your family's life for a nation that neither appreciated nor wants you. Good luck. God bless you.

  • george christofi 1 week ago

    These are just couple months work permits and you cant take the whole family with

  • Heru_ur 1 week ago

    H-2A visas have a maximum term of 3 years after which you must return back home. That is if you are even lucky enough to get a 3 year employment. Most of these employments are only seasonal, anything from 3 months to 10 months.
    This is not a migration option but a mere temporary employment option.

  • TWO CENTS ARMY 1 week ago

    We value productive people as most countries should.

  • VD Morgue 1 week ago

    Good idea..!!we need farmer that produce not regress. Like the ANC.