Bowery is a hydroponic farm inside a warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey. The energy-efficient facility uses automation and machine learning to grow delicious vegetables year-round, without worrying about traditional farming challenges like weather and unwelcome animals.
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This high-tech farm grows veggies in a warehouse

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  • darthvader5300

    This Bowery hydroponic farm inside a warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey is not energy efficient. For it is not based on the close-loop food chain cycle biosphere BIOGEOCHEMICAL processes of a chinampa system and a floating Burma garden system which are both ancient "LIVING MACHINES" rediscovered by Professor John Todd and which are both self-sustaining and self-regulating and self-regenerating for both systems uses soil as part of their key critical component for soil is a very powerful 10,000 year old time-tested and time-proven regulator of nutrients that allows farmers to make a mistake and still get a very good harvestable crop. They failed to use the energy efficient non-moving optical fiber bundle sunlight collector that directs it to an optical collector set up that amplifies it's energy output and disperses it throughout the insides of a room, house, building, or warehouse.

  • darthvader5300

    A chinampa set up combined with rock dust powder, terra-preta activate carbon from coal or charcoal, diatomaceous earth and planted with protective companion plants as biological anti-pests/-disease/blight/parasite/etc protectors. The edges of the chinampa set up is planted with vetiver grass and jiji-sao grass against erosion.

    The soil surface is planted with an inoculated nitrogen-fixing rhizobial bacterial inoculants and mycorrhizal fungi inoculants of all different natural genetic varieties found throughout the world if possible and are certified GMO-free and we already have them gathered and propagated by our own Russian military department.

    Once fully established we can set up a series of artificial soil-based vertical agricultural techniques combined with flat surface agriculture on top of the chinampa set up.

    Soil is a 10,000 year old time-tested and time-proven growing medium technology and the chinampa is a form of soil-based aquaponics.

    As for the water surrounding the chinampa set up, we planted floating cages with open bottoms just deep enough to prevent the water hyacinths and aquatic mint or metha aquatica and azolla from spreading like a weed but the azolla has a caged bottom to prevent it from being grazed into extinction by the fish being cultivated in the close-loop food chain ecosystem of the chinampa set up.

    The fishes are introduced until the azolla ferm has covered about 75% to 85% of the water surface then they can feast of the azolla, and certain natural genetic varieties of different species of micro-algae will be introduced to convert fish wastes into ammonia and ammonia into nitrates which in turn feeds the micro-algae feeding the fishes.

    At the bottom is filled with graded aggregate of diatomaceous earth and zeolite that has microscopic pores that can produce 10,000 times to 11,000 times more surface area for anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria to inhabit and turn fish wastes and plant wastes into useful nutrients for the micro-algae and for the water hyacinths, aquatic mint or aquatica mentha and azolla to feed on to sustain themselves, and from time to time a certain amount of rock dust powder mixture is added to replaced what was consumed and ingested by fishes and plants inside their bodies and plant structures.

  • darthvader5300
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  • T Mc

    Not real excited about this technology. The further we get away for working to keep our land clean and open the less most will care about preservation of the earth. So they kept talking about taste, we need more information about what the plants are fed and nutrient value that is usable by the human body.

  • electrodacus

    I see no food just some green leafs that requires more energy from me to chew than they will provide to my body so a net negative energy for me 🙂

  • William D

    I'm getting so fucking tired of seeing these every six months or so, they can't possibly grow enough with these methods​ to fulfill the needs of the world