Think Gardening is Too Expensive?

Seed Save, Swap, & Forage – You can take 1 packet and turn it into a gallon of seeds in only a few seasons.

Use Free Resources – Craigslist, FreeCycle, NextDoor, etc. Pallets, Fencing, Firewood, Manure, Old/Wet Straw, Plants

Use Natural Farming Techniques – Hand tools, Throw Sow, Self Seeders, Simple, Easy, Cheap, & Rhobust

Get Connected to your Local Community – Locals help, teach, & share

If you think Gardening is expensive, you should see what cancer’s costs are. Our health has no price. Growing a vibrant and diverse garden and food forest are the best defense against sickness, aging, disease, cancer, inflammation, and deficiency that we have. Grow a garden for your Future Care and the care of the earth and all those who rely upon it.

Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively,

Matt Powers

Enjoy this free lesson on grow media from The Aquaponic Gardening Online Course taught by Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponic Source.

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Think Gardening is Expensive?

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  • Alexis E.

    I did a Baker Creek order this year (as I have in the past) and this year I'm going to do seed saving. Free is a great way to go. I got my worm bin, cattle wire/ chicken wire, chicken feeders and so many other great things for free.

  • hsitas ramuk

    I Wish You a Wonderful, Healthy and Prosperous NEW YEAR 2019. I am New to this Site, Thanks for this video about the Media, really informative. I just have one question, I want to grow tomatoes and Bell Pepper which is just 230 to 270 days crop, vine, and cluster tomatoes. I want to grow in coco peat + Cocochip Mix media since it is used a crop cycle of about 250 days, will it be good to use. I don't want it to last for years together. kindly give me some inputs on this, please. Regards, James…

  • Vendi Vukelic

    Nice Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered – Patlarny Gardening Expert Principle (just google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for learning how to expand your produce with the clever art of aquaponics without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my work colleague at very last got excellent success with it.

  • John Sousa

    Your link not working and I am using crushed granite beautiful stone the clay will not hold up in New York State cold weather will break them down because water that’s left in it will freeze over the winter ❄️

  • Robert Jackson

    "When my Elder Brother, Ben, and I started gardening we thought that it would be easy and that we would be able to enjoy vegetables within a few weeks. Sadly, we were wrong. We could not figure out why we were not getting the beautiful vegetables we were hoping for. When we got your Aquaponics system we realized exactly what we were doing wrong. After incorporating your teachings we were able to see great results. I have recommended your system to all of my friends and family [ Check Details Here  >>>   ]. We are hoping that we will be able to see even more vegetables in the next harvest because we will continue to follow your teachings. Thanks so much for creating such a great system, Gina"

  • BlackOak

    Any chance u could experiment with carbon coke? It is usually used as an additive in the steel industry, but it is light weight, completely inert, highly porous(would need to be soaked before use to avoid floating) and, while not round, it rarely has sharp corners.
    The place I work screens it, and the 1/2"-3/4" sizing is actually a size range we usually have difficulty selling to other industries

  • White Beard

    I find that your Videos are very helpful . the way you have explained it is great. I have learned a lot . not only from your videos but from others here on utube as well . there is a wealth of information here. i am planning to start up my system during the fall of this year . I will be a small system at first. I'll see how I like it and then maybe expand on it . we'll see what happens. thank you so very much.

  • Peter Lawrence

    Hi Sylvia,  Yours, or anyones comments/suggestions would be hugely appreciated ……..  I am setting up an 8 grow bed (1/2 x  200l plastic barrels) system using expanded clay pellets. ( just trialling two beds first.).      My problem in first week, is that the clay floats and moves up on full cycle?   all the plants I put in, look lovely in the evening.  overnight they all  end up in the centre because the middle being deeper moves way more than the shallower sides?  I have made a trial false bottom at 200mm deep across the barrel to maintain an even depth… (I used a corflute plastic sheet with lots of holes in to let the water drain thru quickly.)  It has helped but still the level still fluctuates a lot.   Do the clay pellets eventually become water logged and stay in place?     Also,  does the drain pipes both grow beds share  (32mm), need to be larger than the diameter of the outlet from the siphon?  It seems that the two beds move into same cycles even if I start one opposite?   I suspect the first empty cycle creats a vacuum in the bell syphon of the second bed and starts that siphon even if only half full?   Do you have a wider top end on the fixed drain pipe inside the siphon?  mine was just a cut end pipe that just didn't want to start properly.  I put a heat gun onto the top end and flared it out and it seems to work better.   do you use the extra plastic tube fitted into the top of the bell siphon to enhance the break cycle better?  I look forward to seeing comments… thank you in advance.   I am in New Zealand by the way.