Hey yall im back again this time az aquatic gardens messed up my order and so i have to deal with fish i dont want! Its gonna be a pain but oh well, ill deal with it.
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  • Andrew Deneweth

    This is what they do AZ GARDENS are CON ARTISTS. They did the same to me spent 51$ overnigth to get 1 week later and totally wrong order / false advtertising. Read their yelp review- you will see their billion 1 star reviews.

  • Gary Svoboda

    AAG. They rip you off and never answer phone. Shipped wrong fish, I paid extra for insulated box and I got Styrofoam sheets, paid extra for heat packs and got one cold one not even warm. I ALSO PAID $36 FOR OVERNIGHT SHIPPING AND THEY SENT IT IN MAIL 3 DAYS! Got an email from Pete saying he is not going to help me unless i change my attitude. Who does this guy think he is, go ahead keep my money you obviously need it more than i do. THESE GUYS ARE TERRIBLE. I RECOMMEND ANYBODY IN THE AQUATICS HOBBY OR BUSINESS TO STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS.

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