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  • xenonsinferno 1 year ago
  • Tocsik 1 year ago

    You sounded exactly like Keemstar for a second.

  • Ddemo 565 1 year ago

    Hi Mary Jane. Nice vid. 😀 XD 😛 jk lol

  • TBGFAN og Geakon 1 year ago

    I would've laughed

  • AreisTheRam 1 year ago

    Arkas the pedo comedian

  • Luckynumber slevin 1 year ago

    jackbox games like fibbage and drawfull?

  • mirkwoodian 1 year ago

    Let's see.. 'anal' is derived from Latin, whereas 'canal' is from French. Since there are no native Latin speakers, the English speakers probably just went with their own pronunciation rules for 'anal', but the pesky French had an established pronunciation for 'canal' that the Brits kinda had to follow. That would be my hypothesis for the differences. But Pause is right, English pronunciation is so weird thanks to all the different languages that have affected it over the centuries.

  • TheChellybean85 1 year ago

    I almost choked when he said "it will all be over soon" lmao

  • PI98 1 year ago

    13:43 omg that was too funny xD

  • Karen Kurby 1 year ago

    With the new YouTube standards Pauses videos become "non family friendly for advertising" in the first minute lol

  • Piehigh 1 year ago

    Pause are you still looking for games to play because I recommend brawlhalla on steam for free and dungeon of the endless also on steam but p2p.

  • Omega Orion 1 year ago

    Thumb is up, have laughed

  • Lerinome 1 year ago

    I would laught…

  • Marizard 1 year ago

    Who's gonna take part in irl Golf with Friends?

  • Robot UmbrellaFish 1 year ago

    Main Street in my town is called Canal. And kids who think that they are super funny will spray paint out the 'C'. Can confirm, not that funny.

  • lumrefismanden 1 year ago

    spinning wheels, funnelshaped holes and relaxation

  • metalmagerin3 1 year ago

    S O F T B O Y S

  • Sean arndt 1 year ago

    3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures