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The Japanese are leading the way with the world’s largest indoor garden and it’s hydroponic, putting out 10,000 heads of lettuce, per day! This is a money maker, people! I figured conservatively, .66 million annually from about half an acre Link: Related PostsWorld’s largest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more foodLargest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more per square feet -TomoNewsLargest indoor vertical farm uses less water and produces moreAeroFarms: World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Breaks Ground in Newark, NJIllumitex Horticulture LEDs in World’s largest Indoor Vertical Farm!Vertical farm: Newark, New Jersey to house world’s largest indoor vertical farm by end of 2015

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  • Prez Shaka 4 years ago

    great insights for helping humanity and economic agricultural insight management also etc.

  • Prez Shaka 4 years ago

    great share

  • Justin Scott Ferreira 4 years ago

    what happend to farming!

  • James Cales 4 years ago

    I like your plan.

  • GreenGrowers 4 years ago

    This is a great idea how would someone get start up funding to get all this equipment to put in a large building?

  • Getranke Nomimono 4 years ago

    dialogue is funny we did this a long time ago

  • BackToConstitution 4 years ago

    This video is NOT about aquaponics! If you love aquaponics, you are in the wrong place! Find a video that is discussing aquaponics, because this one is bout hydroponics. I don't like aquaponics, because there are so many ways to kill fish. I want to kill …. I mean grow plants! Using water! Just water! I don't want fish poop in the water! I just want water! If the fish want to eat what the plant gives up, tough! They will have to find someone doing aquaponics, because this video is about hydroponics, not aquaponics

  • Cloudio Hernandez 4 years ago

    "…parasitic minded blood sucking leaches…" That's good, I like that one.

  • Dung Pamancha 4 years ago

    Great!!!! Am captivated with your analysis. Pls. i like to start in door tomatoes farming, at least the greenhouse. Can you be of assistance technically and materials? thank you.
    Yusuf Pamancha

  • 1CrazyBouncer LoLeng 4 years ago

    Since the beginning of America, America just knows how to be bullies instead of building this country for better living and produce wealth. fucken governments over spending and money laundering bastards

  • Dionne Jennings 4 years ago

    @ back to constitution very true . I have been garden for 6 years and love it

  • Dionne Jennings 4 years ago

    I love your ideas. I'm going to try this. I'm in the North so it will be more challenging. I have never been afraid of hard work.

  • Michael Heery 4 years ago


  • Fodder Works 4 years ago

    The Largest indoor farming facility is going to be surpassed soon, and the technology has been developed by a company in the United States. Watch the video here:

  • Roberto Pechenino 4 years ago

    Back to Constitution, I really LOVE your Videos, I am a Disabled American Veteran, living in the Philippines as I cant afford to live in the country that I served, I am in aposition here to do what you say i think. I have a small aquaponics system with Talapia fish now going. can I do these ideas here to earn money, help people, create jobs, feed the poor ? What about selling seeds here ? I LOVE your ideas. I would like to start small them get a BIG indoor building. I hope you can help me ? Again I LOVE your vidoes. Thanks ~ Regards
    PS is there a way I can call you, I have magic jack ?

  • MyBrucester 4 years ago

    those LED lamps are pretty expensive but a warehouse with 19-22 ft clear could be had for under $40 psf in most large cities so overall the total cost per sf is sufficient..noone is gonna pay a $1.00 per head of lettuce either at least not from a grocery under a contract basis..maybe .50 cents a head with local delivery…By the way..its no longer the largest lettuce maker per day…its actually 30,000 head per day..IN Japan**…one that does 20,000 heads a day was built in a facility size of 51,000 sf so your estimate of 25,000 sf for 10,000 heads per day production sounds correct …I also think you will need that many people to handle that load of produce per day…probably more….and there are many other expense items….but in the long run…paying for the building and all capital costs in 2 or 3 years is one heck of a good deal. BUy lettuce is so about some spinach and watercress?? ))

  • Drop the Dodo 4 years ago

    It´s not about who thought of this. Indoor farms will be used to feed the whole world in the future. There´s problems with governments everywhere and that´ll last because no political system is perfect. Planting melon seeds will most likely not result in growing the same type of melon and I doubt if you´ve checked the other facts in here. I enjoyed the video though

  • Cesar Caoili 4 years ago

    I love your subject about the indoor farming by hydroponics, i made so much research myself & I am ready to share my knowledge to the poor developing nations like Thailand & my agenda will be not lettuce but how to propagate Jasmine rice by hydroponic itself for at least 2 acres of land with self recycle water, & runs by solar energy instead of taking electricy from the power bank & use so much led's,.. to grow for less than 2 months, usually rice growers spent to much waters coming from the river, & grow for more tha 4 to 5 months,… thanks for sharing..

  • Biju Mathew 4 years ago

    You are are officially my new idol :>