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More information, see This video was created in Dec. 2010. Organization name , statistics , all figure and tables are as of the time of publication. These materials may not be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written permission of JIRCAS. Erratum: caption at 01:24, Error: Marine Shrimp: more than 1 billion dollars Correct: Marine Shrimp: more than 10 billion dollars Related PostsWorlds First Solar Powered Indoor FarmWorld’s first indoor vertical farm to be built in a tunnelbiofloc Indoor shrimp farmMaryland Indoor Shrimp Farm – America’s HeartlandVannamei 101 Super intensive indoor shrimp culture farmsWorld’s first robot FARM – replace humans with machines in its lettuce factories

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  • shivani chourasia 1 year ago

    Hi, that's one great work you guys have done for the marine life . Can you please send me more information. i would like to start this here in INDIA.

  • John Zabik 1 year ago


  • ArkTiger4c 1 year ago

    well its got to be better than raping the sea

  • Rolly Bantan 1 year ago

    Is there any study growing agar seaweed in a controlled environment or indoors?

  • D Gunny 1 year ago

    That's right, the almighty dollar is more important than sustaining the worlds ecosystems

  • Anthony Reaney 1 year ago

    Jircas sounds like an insult 🙂 Sorry.

  • Jasper van Manen 1 year ago

    i'm very interrested in inland fish farming, fish is sold with higher price then most meat where i live, and we should not relly on ocean fishers for food, yet we should use their expertice to farm it inlands.

  • michael sabella 1 year ago

    The world needs to stop with thinking low fat is a good thing, this is the lies the medical industry has used for the past 40yrs and blaming cholesterol on fat. I say BS. Just more lies, which is used for BIG pharma to push its poison , toxic drugs to supposidly save the world, total crap.

  • jackpiche2 1 year ago

    a government project in the Philippines would be interested please email me

  • Suyanto Ng 1 year ago

    Where I can learn all of this indoor system? Who should I contact? My e-mail:

  • Johnny Lucero 1 year ago

    we would love you guys in colorado 🙂

  • waldroj01 1 year ago

    theres one in Canada for fuck sakes

  • waldroj01 1 year ago

    this in not the first or the only.

  • CHEN 1 year ago

    Cough Cough "Obviously Japan"

  • dkroen17 1 year ago

    Good stuff on smaller indoor shrimp production. Search for KT Prawns.

  • Jose Carlos Gomez Cevallos 1 year ago

    please could you tell me in the minute 7:24 it says that the pools can produce 24 to 40 tons of shrimp annually it refers that each pool or both together ?? thanks

  • Geoff Beach 1 year ago

    Good luck…

  • SuperButch888 1 year ago

    GMO…..tsk tsk tsk

  • 2001lextalionis 1 year ago

    Hello and thank you for the video, but it is NOT the first shrimp production system. False claims create a bad impression

  • Luke 1 year ago

    Very informative video. Good Initiative by Japan 🙂