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  • Sharlea2 1 year ago

    I got here while looking for vines that will grow indoors,which led to your TED talk. I'm really glad to see people doing what I've been wondering how to do myself! You've motivated me! Got two great big windows on the south side of my house I can use, but it looks like I'll have to figure it out myself cause like a lot of others, I can't access your site.

  • michael krisinger 1 year ago

    Where is the website????? It is gone. I have gathered all materials but now don;t have the instructions to build it!!!! Arg!

  • Matthew Noonan 1 year ago

    Your website is not working. I saw you on PBS Growing a Greener World.

  • JoyousDread 1 year ago

    Having the hardest time reaching anyone at your site for months!!!!!!! Always says "show cached version" because the site cannot be reached. I am so inspired and have started my own window farm but have multiple questions and would love to access the site and the forums of others doing the same thing…. Help?! Please!

  • endemion06463 1 year ago

    2:52 The real Lip (Shameless) :P

  • Bruce Nelkin LMT 1 year ago

    What about concerns over BPA and other chemicals from plastic? Is there a safer container to use that won't leach nasty oil based chemicals into the end produce? I guess this would work with glass bottles with the extra added step of cutting the bottoms off and sanding down the cut edges to make them safe. Where do you get clear glass bottles without expensive wine pre-packaged or perhaps without a bottom?

  • Phoebe Alexis 1 year ago

    I applaud these efforts. But other than growing herbs, micro greens, how much produce can a Window Farm create for a single person or a family??? I cannot seem to find any articles regarding this. I would like to see numbers, quantity analysis. With that said, I am not complaining just curious. Please feel free to chime in if you know of such an analysis.

  • TheTatmandu 1 year ago

    I'm going to do this for herbs that would otherwise cost and arm and an leg in Singapore. That division of labor argument is cr&P because this is hardly even a part time job. But collectively this would have an impact on the supply chain problems. Great stuff and excellent use of solar and local resources. Singapore already has vertical farms so a do it at home project makes great sense.

  • DeistReality 1 year ago

    Good stuff..Zeitgeist,RBE at its best!!

  • gigalaki 1 year ago


  • marinekumrad 1 year ago

    congrats for this project it's awesome keep it up

  • CLAYU CLAUDIA 1 year ago

    me encanta deberian realizarlo en pèru tambien :)

  • anne yvette 1 year ago

    is there a way to make something like this but manually water it?

  • Carmelo Nazario 1 year ago

    Love the page. Been doing this for years. I am so happy that there are so many more people doing this. Keep up the great work everybody. We need more vegetation in ny. hopefully everyone that views this video will at least try planting a window garden. P.S. its fun. 

  • rockyofusa1 1 year ago

    signed up the form 6 times the link 4 times oh well I give up

  • emailgroupie 1 year ago

    OH MY GOLLY. I love you for bringing this to light. I have so wanted a indoor planting system so badly. Gracias chica!!!

  • carlosorozco68 1 year ago

    Congratulations for this initative, I'm from Colombia and I'm teaching urban agriculture in this moment in a technician course, so I consider this a great example to show my ss in order they get to know that is possible to make our cities sustainable places. Congrats again, and how can I join the movement.

  • david revelo 1 year ago

    I live in Ecuador… there no much hydroponic culture around here and import materials doesnt make sense… I will try to use gravel or clay filter instead of the pebbles… do you have any idea about how can I replace hydroponic nutrients? 

  • david revelo 1 year ago

    thanks! ill try!

  • knelledkismet 1 year ago

    you can use gravel