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September 9, 2015

Mindy Thompson Fullilove
Danielle Oliver

Main Street is not what first comes to mind when we imagine how to create mental health in our communities. And, these days, Main Street in many American cities might be all but dead—at least, it’s not what it used to be. Except in New Jersey, where public health psychiatrist Mindy Fullilove noticed lots of vibrant Main Streets. What’s happening in these cities? What makes them different, and somehow potentially healthier? Dr. Fullilove has since visited more than 100 Main Streets in the U.S. and abroad in an effort to understand and model the links between our urban centers and mental health. Her findings help us think about such diverse issues as pedestrian plazas, Walmarts, and historic preservation, including their implications for health and well being.
In this Medical Center Hour, and following a summer in which violence, racial tensions, and income and health inequalities have sorely challenged many cities, Dr. Fullilove addresses ways we might mend Main Street to foster mental health in our communities. What are the implications of her work for health professionals? How might primary care practitioners help to revive Main Street as a whole, healthy, and joyful place?

Co-presented with the Generalist Scholars Program and Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine, in observance of Primary Care Week; and with the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning and Center for Design + Health, School of Architecture
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