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The wall planter – will transform any vertical surface in your garden. Designed to lift on and off its own easy to hang bracket, the wall planter will cover up any bare or boring walls, fences, garages and sheds. With 5 openings around the front of the wall-planter and space for 5-6 plants on the top, the wall planter can cover up to 1metre by 1meter, using the correct plants. Related Posts10 DIY Hanging Basket Vertical GardenPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsEasy Hanging Planter DIY | MVDCreate a Hanging Basket of SucculentsHow to Refresh a Succulent Hanging BasketHanging basket plants, succulents, in Bangkok, Thailand

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  • balearic dub 1 year ago

    whats the web site called. im after buying a few of these.?

  • Michelle Stannard 1 year ago

    I meet this guy at my local market 2 weeks ago.. I brought three of them, their so easy to do and takes half the time….

  • Dennis Worden 1 year ago

    Mr Sweeney.Where can we buy hanging and wall planters like these? They look great. Is there a web sight?