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Vertical farming



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  • NeekoDizzy 1 year ago

    @tunisiz I don't see how that would stress the plant nearly as much as topping or supercropping. Pot is a weed after all. I have seen lights fall on girls and they were cool, the light was a different story. But the ones that got hit actually turned up more frosty because of the stress, as is usually the case with stressed plants as they up resin production to try to save their gene for the next year.

  • dean31black 1 year ago

    nuff bud!!!!!!!!

  • Edgar Perez 1 year ago

    damn that must wait a lot of energy…

  • morgoth5150 1 year ago

    How is the ratio of tops I'll bet lot's of colas eh?

  • Ganjaflash420 1 year ago

    yeah nice vid 🙂

    !! smoke weed everyday !!

  • matt hansen 1 year ago

    hey so i jus have a few questions if thats alright with u……do u leave the plants sideways like that untill you're ready to harvest? And wouldn't that put stress on the plants or is it a better method?( i mean i can already tell that it works a lot better as far as space goes). Anyways that looks like a really sweet setup, hope to hear back from ya, peace.

  • matt hansen 1 year ago

    haha thats funny ur video is 4 min and 20 seconds long, ahahahahaha. lol jk, retarded

  • jacksganja 1 year ago

    nice ma deze had ik al gezien 🙂 5*

  • didytom 1 year ago

    I assume that was 58 days from clone. Yes?

  • motarsolitario 1 year ago

    many plants but small…
    this realy good?

  • hermidude81 1 year ago

    aww yeeaaaaa

  • WeBeatYouAll 1 year ago

    once again powerful grow man.
    fuckin great.

  • Life of Bragnar 1 year ago

    man that looks freakin nice