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Complete video at: Vertical garden pioneer Patrick Blanc highlights the variety of designs he has installed around the world. Projects range from a grandiose interior installation at the National Theater in Taipei, to an understated herb garden created for a friend with a sunny backyard. “It’s very important to keep a good relationship between the architecture and the plants,” advises Blanc. —– NightLife presents a talk by Patrick Blanc, world-renowned botanist and inventor of the vertical garden, and creator of Drew School’s ‘living wall’ — the largest such installation in the U.S. The talk will focus on describing his design approach and philosophy behind his incredible creations — vertical gardens that now number over 200 throughout the world. Patrick is both a research scientist working for the French National Center for Scientific Research and an artist. He is known as the “inventor of the vertical garden” and is renowned for transforming naked city walls and homes into havens for biodiversity. Drew School’s 1,720 sq. ft. project will be his largest installation in the United States. His work is featured in places like Quai Branly Museum inaugurated by the president of France in 2006, Madrid’s Caixa Forum Museum with 20,000 plants and 300 species, and Hotel Pershing Hall in Paris. – California Academy of Sciences Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPATRICK BLANC VERTICAL GARDENS Interview in ParisPatrick Blanc talks about vertical gardens at One Central Park November 2012Jardin Vertical Patrick Blanc Caixa Forum Madrid.wmvPatrick Blanc: The vertical garden, from nature to citiesVertical Garden – Living Wall Patrick Blanc Madrid SpainVertical Wall Garden In Office by Patrick Blanc

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  • Dragonsol 1 year ago

    omg crap english xD

  • Geinponempie 1 year ago

    LOL! I haven't quite figured out what amuses me more, the 'architecture' or Patric Blanc's fabulous French accent!?! Nevertheless, I am definitely gonna watch this entire video on

    If you like these sort of installations, you might also want to check out an architect/artist called: Hundertwasser. Although I don't know whether P. Blanc will like it, since Hundertwasser has huge non trimmed shrubs and entire trees growing out of windows and on top of the buildings he has designed.

  • Terje1337 1 year ago

    @StrikaAmaru it is your wife?

  • Brandon Lisik 1 year ago

    It looks like a young coral reef to me, that means I like it.

  • RubyAnabele 1 year ago

    pretty cool topic and pretty cool accent

  • Truthiness231 1 year ago





    Those should help, but I know there is a video on TED about the subject and also a company mentioned in it that sells material to build garden walls, but afraid I can't find either at the moment…

    Also note that one can grow vertical gardens without walls of course, as you can find from vertigro(d07)com. Just googling "vertical gardening" will probably get you all the info you'll need.

  • 1RadicalOne 1 year ago

    I am afraid I need subtitles to even understand this…those of us who do not have English as a first language have rather significant trouble parsing English with some third accent this strong.

  • kieranpearson 1 year ago

    Thoughts on Taipei: We go indoors to marvel at the great outdoors.

  • Truthiness231 1 year ago

    @asymthought It's already possible, but the mats + watering system generally used to do it aren't exactly cost effective yet. The trouble is getting a substrate that is light enough to stay up, thick enough for plants to get their roots deeply penetrating it so they don't fall out, durable enough to handle being exposed to the weather for many seasons, and also porous enough to hold water+nutrients to feed the plants, and the currently marketed solution is just a bit costly… =/

  • 5mnz7fg 1 year ago

    I like it, if the shape of the house nearly disappears under the plants. 

  • ndyt 1 year ago

    In the south you would have about 100 animals living in your house too if you did that! XD

  • GodofCider 1 year ago

    I wonder how they're holding the soil to the wall? That looks awesome. 1:50