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How can vertical farming help the world’s problems? What can’t it do yet? Let’s talk about why the future is cool, and full of green skies. Thanks to patron: Whitney Toftness LibGov Website (ARTexplains Fridge Magnets Available Here): Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: References/Script for this episode: Creative Commons: File:CSIRO ScienceImage 7007 Plague locusts on the move.jpg By CSIRO, CC BY 3.0, File:F5 tornado Elie Manitoba 2007.jpg By Justin1569 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Pesticidewise: knapsack spraying lettuce by Pesticidewise Published on Jan 20, 2016 Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) Weather Station Image @ 4:42 in: by Wellcome Trust, via Yeah Likes Original existed here: Unknown publishing date, video missing from Wellcometrust channel Was reuploaded by: Published on Nov 29, 2016 Both under Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) Automated Hydroponics- Lettuce 365 days cycle by Plant Factory Published on Jul 9, 2016 Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) Price of Farming Uploader: Local 5 News Uploaded: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 7:52 PM EST Farming with horses and mules Uploader: Peter Carroll Uploaded: Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 11:20 AM EST Square watermelons by Joi Ito July 9, 2007 Video Rating: / 5 Related Postswhat is vertical farming and how does it work || Advantages & Disadvantages || What about FARMERS???Learn all about Vertical Farming | Forbes AgTech IndianapolisThe Dirty Truth Behind The Vertical Farming IndustryAbout City Gardens USA Vertical FarmingTunas Farm | Indoor Vertical Farming | Cara baru Bercocok TanamVertical Farming and the real Return on Investment

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  • PePe VoSk 2 months ago

    So what did those studies find out? Can those companies grow hundreds of different crops?Do we manage to grow vertically more than just lettuce and square melons?

  • Cristy Menapace 2 months ago

    Does the chemicals used in this type of farming cause all the same problems that traditional farming has caused to the earth? Does anyone know? It kind of seems like a quick fix now for someone else to worry about tomorrow or am I missing something?

  • SKPjoe Coursegold 2 months ago

    excellent…………….more land for avocado trees.

  • Omni-Gamer 2 months ago

    I like how the "How to make money on YouTube" folder is empty

  • Erómeon 2 months ago

    A fresh comment section. Let's grow it.