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New video obtained by The Advocate shows the botched arrest of a Louisiana man who was killed by police in what experts excessive force.

Armando Frank, 44, was wrestled off a tractor at Walmart by police serving an arrest warrant on him in October 2017.

Armando Frank, 44, was being arrested on a warrant for minor charges stemming from a neighbor dispute. The charges of simple criminal trespassing and attempted unauthorized entry into a dwelling and had resulted in court-ordered treatment at VA hospital.

Frank died from manual strangulation after the encounter shown in the video. In the video, a law enforcement officer climbs on the tractor behind Frank and applies a choke hold while another officer tries to pull Frank down. Frank goes limp, and the officers drag his lifeless body to a patrol car.

Video Curtsy of The Advocate: (https://www.theadvocate.com/acadiana/news/crime_police/article_4489ee48-95f3-11e8-b9f2-c3f1746e0adc.html )
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The Top 10 Free Online Classified Ads Websites For 2015 – Best Free Classifieds List

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  • Ty Stinemetz

    I am a huge fan of law enforcement. I am a huge supporter of anyone willing to lay down their lives to protect the people. I know for a fact officers also care about the people who have broken the law. They deal with assholes on a day to day bases. These officers need to be thrown in prison in general population. Then they would relize that they are not above the law. This is exactly the scenario that people who hate cops and don't trust them talk about in a conversation about how police abuse their power. Any ignorant cop on that scene should have checked to make sure he was ok after having him cuffed. They should have done something before just throwing him in the car. One day officer you yourself will be placed into custody and read your Miranda Rights. The only difference will be you won't get beat down and tased to death. He was a veteran and you were not alone this kind of ecsesive force was totally unjustified. I will always support the cops that uphold the law. I just hope that one day soon you are placed in correction with individuals that would like to show you how meaningless your life really is without that badage. I know that there is great cops out there, even the ones who aren't affraid to whoop your ass and cuff you if your breaking the law but when you, yourself are the one giving no thought or concern to the civilians you arrest. That is becoming judge jury and exectuioner which is against our laws and should be punished by death. The same punishment you yourself are willing to give anyone who gives you a hard time.

  • trent dale

    Unfortunate and unprofessional. Just so we're clear.they are supposed to show him the warrant.did anybody notice.there was no Miranda rights read to him.why did he ask was he a vet before he seen the license?i would have asked for a supervisor on sight and a black officer.a veteran is a sovereign citizen also this was instrumental on the job racism.white cops who do not see an American citizen but a black problem individual. Louisiana has a history in bloody uprisings. No doubt in my mind a message is on the way behind this.from whoever.

  • SusieBoy Lee Wilson

    Kenneth Strickland what is wrong with you negros? Y’all getting yourself killed for a ego reason, You don’t have an option on a warrant. The judge would have said I’m sorry sir you can go on your way, but… it’s sad bad move man…RIP

  • CVR IV

    I don't feel bad for this dude. Even if it was a bullshit warrant, an expired warrant, or they flat out had the wrong guy. All he had to do was get off of the fucking tractor and go with them to sort it out at the station. This is what a civilized grown up would of done. All you of saying it's the cops fault…. you're mental. #1: Stay out of trouble and you won't even have a run in with the cops. #2: If you should have a run in with the cops…… JUST DO WHAT THE FUCK THEY SAY!!!!! WHY IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!

  • Lee McMillan

    This goes to show that following "LEGAL" procedure does NOT apply to the police. They can break the law anytime they come in contact with us. It's all a big joke. There are NO American citizen rights. We have no rights

  • edwin g

    Oh boo hoo! I have no sympathy for people who put themselves in this type of situation, if the warrant was expired he could have had his day in court! What does everyone think was going to happen? big ass dude refusing to go to jail, were the cops supposed to tickle him into the back of the police car? how stupid do you have to be to think that there is a gentle way to restrain a person who is physically resisting, He is 100% responsible for what happened to himself.

  • Hillbilly Clone

    That man should lose his tractor over that deal, be arrested for resisting arrest, a massive fine and be jailed for 10 years over the thing

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