The software choice for landscape architects or landscape architects!

What is the best software for landscape architects and landscape architects? Have you tried Google Garden design software? ? Try to tell me what happened, it’s bad huh? ? In this video, I give you my personal view of the best software packages on the market, some are free, imagine! Link 3D designer artist EWELINA LEKKA. Want to get a pdf file with information and links? Subscribe to my newsletter and I will send it to everyone who is interested. Suggested bundle: Free: SketchUp online free version + photo editing or hand-painted low budget (but amazing results): SketchUp+Twinmotion free until November 2019 average budget (my personal choice): SketchUp + Lumion PRO perfect world (close to me) Future): Vectorworks Landmark + Lumion PRO + Photoshop. Lumion 10 is coming soon trailer 2: Lumion PC requires update:. To start learning Lumion, please view my online course here:. Go to our blog for tips and application suggestions. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Music🎵 The happy life of FREDJI music promoted by the audio library.


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  • Georges Papillon

    Hi Catherina !

    I would like to know your rates for some landscaping work. It would be to design a band of nature ( trees, small pond with a fountain, swatting benches, etc. ) 

    I am an architectural designer, and I need to show images of a vegetation layout between a street, and a new housing development. I need to hide the new housing sector with some big trees, and a tall hedge. Anyway, I wanted to give you an idea. Of course we would need to talk over the phone, and I would fill you in with videos, and photos of the project.

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