Here is a five minute video to help you understand how to grow your money from a penny to a dollar in a month
This process if valuable if you have a penny and more valuable, if you have ,000 because seeds increase in value 100 times in just 30 days
Also, if you don’t sell them, the cared for plant becomes more valuable, as you approach maturity
It is vital to everyone on earth, to learn how to germinate seeds and grow seeds for food and for money
This currency has no inflation and is not likely to be seized by the IRS
Seed germination is one way to get healthy foods and avoid all the government means of denying you nourishment and health
There is a conspiracy to make sure that you don’t have a garden and are forced to buy from Monsanto or other corporations which own you and enslave you
Resistance means growing your own seeds and raising your own food
We must be free and seeds are one way to break free from the slavery
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The Seed Germination Process

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