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Get the book here: There’s a secret to Florida gardening success. Today I reveal how you can garden in Florida and grow a 1000 lbs of food with very little work. Growing your own vegetables in Florida is a lot easier when you pick the right species and I’ll help you do just that. The book Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening is affordable and changes everything. Find more inspiration at ====================================================== ► Subscribe Our Channel for Daily Updates: ====================================================== ► A Channel about Kitchen Gardening – (Urdu/Hindi) ====================================================== ► Visit Our Kitchen Gardening Blog: ====================================================== ► Our Kitchen Gardening Facebook Page: ====================================================== ► Check Out Our Playlists to Watch Your Favorite Category’s Videos: ====================================================== ► Visit: for More Info About Kitchen Gardening! ====================================================== Related PostsCentral Florida Gardening – Vegetable GardeningVEGGIE MANIA – Fall Vegetable Gardening in Florida – The Perfect TimeStory telling at the Kids’ Gardening WorkshopVegetable Gardening South Florida StyleCentral Florida Gardening – Fall Vegetable GardeningHydroponic System Experiment – South Florida – Backyard Gardening

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  • Bill James 1 year ago

    From the panhandle to the keys, Florida is very diverse. I am struggling to grow a garden near Orlando. Lots of sand and diseases and not much freezing. Do you feel the info you provide would be useful here also?

  • Selena Beaulieu 1 year ago

    David what town in Florida are you in that you grow I'm looking at Pensacola my dad lives in Englewood..

  • poolahpot 1 year ago

    Just bought a couple of your books and I plan on buying them all! 🙂 Thanks! (We are in central Florida)

  • Janet Soholt 1 year ago

    What grows in semi tropical area like Cape Coral

  • Steven Ryle 1 year ago

    I'm getting in my fall garden now. This summer I had bushels of sweet potatoes, peanuts, black eyed peas, okra and purslane. I'm down here in the Tampa Bay area.

  • Nearly Organic Noshing 1 year ago

    I appreciate the video, and will check into your book. I am so frustrated trying to grow things, that just when they are really taking off, either rot, fry, or are infested. Other youtubers, up north, have no idea, just how bad the ants, and bugs are here.

  • Mr Boat 1 year ago

    Yankee crops grow here as well. In central Florida, from September on until April, you can grow heirloom tomatoes to 2lbs, cabbage to 10# or more. Carrots, beets, lettuce, spinach, yellow or red potatoes, squash, cukes etc etc, virtually pest free. What your soil won't support, containers will. Go to the University of Florida IFAS Extension page. It will list the what to plant and when, for each region.

    All of these work, if you follow that guide. There are also blueberries developed for our climate that really grow well. And during the hot months, many Asian vegetables or legumes, fill in the blanks. Containers for the frost weak plants that can be huddled and covered protected from hard freezes.

  • Marjorie Diaz 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I am in north Central Florida ( Ocala). And I am about to start a garden! I will be checking out your book!

  • linda harris 1 year ago

    The main problem I'm having in South Florida is the insane heat!

  • Organix Girl 1 year ago

    what kind of corn can i grow in central florida

  • scrappy jax 1 year ago

    Growing the wrong plants in Florida…, this is something I've learned the hard way!!! Could you please do a video of the best TYPE of vegetables to grow in Florida? I've heard that okinawa spinach is one of the best to grow here instead of the typical kind of spinach you find at the grocery store. Is that true? I have no idea where I will find that kind of spinach but I'm on the search for it. Thanks so much!

  • Derek Rivera 1 year ago

    Thank you for this, I now have a very evil Grinch smile! mwahahahahaha! I just bought 3 of your books, so lets do this!

  • TOMAS SURIA 1 year ago

    Thanks David: Yeap I'm gonna miss Homestead. I just move to Lakeland; how would that compare in terms of what I can grow here ?

  • Troll of the Year 1 year ago

    A freeze in Florida? Didn't know that could happen.

  • CaptTurbo 1 year ago

    I've picked more then a thousand tomatoes from a single Everglades current tomato plant and the thing is still producing. The birds have planted them all over the property from other seasons.

  • pipgal 1 year ago

    Hi, David! How are you! I thought you were moving to South Florida…are you still up in northern FL? Have you tried to grow the molokia spinach yet? I'm growing the Okinawan spinach down here and it's doing great!

  • coyotedick 1 year ago

    "Yankee plants" Bwahaha

  • Perma Pen 1 year ago

    That's a porcupine, not a yam, you do realise that?

    But yes, I think a whole lot of horticultural misery could be wiped out in a moment if people grew what wants to grow where they are!

  • Sana Farooq 1 year ago

    Bhai rose kay podey jaldi sokh jate hain aur flowers zyada nahi lagte

  • abdul rafay 1 year ago

    please make video on money heart plant

  • Mak Review 1 year ago

    or hm flowers kis ma grow kre matti ma ya compost na ya khatt naa

  • Mak Review 1 year ago

    or sir pansy flowers ke seed khah se mily gye

  • Mak Review 1 year ago

    sirr or 1 glass ma 1 seed dalye bss

  • Mak Review 1 year ago

    sir jo ap glass laye hn ausma knknse flower grow hojyee gyuy'

  • Arslan Baber 1 year ago

    izhaar bhai.. Lahore se plastic k pots kaha se milty hen.. ye to bartan baskets hen na.. mje sai waly pots chiye plastic k.. plz guide me if u have some idea about it.. great work.. love u..

  • Saad Atiq 1 year ago

    ma new female la aya ho

  • Zohaib Javed 1 year ago

    salam Izhar bhai! Please help me mai nai anaar ka plant lagya hai mai woh nahi chall raha theak say please help me. Us mai ak anar to agaya hai magar uskay saray pattay murjha gai hein.

  • abdullah arif 1 year ago

    Sir elephant ear ko multiple karny ki video bna dain

  • Saad Atiq 1 year ago

    or bhai Mara ya Walla pair female nest box ma 1.3 month sa ja rahe ha Lakin male ko breeding nahi karna da rahe to k ya ma is Pair ke female change kar do ka nahi?

  • Saad Atiq 1 year ago

    Mara pas simple pair ha agr ma us ke female change kar do or excibition ke female king size ma rak do to
    or king size female muja 800 ma mil rate ha

  • Moammer Butt 1 year ago

    Salam! Izhar Bhai main Peach Plant(Aaroo) Grow Krna Chahta hun to kaise Krun? Peach Pit se Main ne Seed nikal liya hai, Ab us ki Germination Kaise Start Krun? Plz Bataiye

  • PRANAV BHARDWAJ 1 year ago

    guvava kitne inch ke pot me lagau

  • Arselan Emblazer 1 year ago

    sir aap ne kabhi ghamly me peanuts yani mongphali ke bary me video nahi banai plz is ke bary me bataeen.

  • Moammer Butt 1 year ago

    Assalamualaikum! Izhar Bhai "MealyBugs" aur Other Bugs k Liye Koi bhi "Baygon Insects Spray" use kr skte hain, Harmfull to nai huga Plants k liye?

  • DAKSH SONI 1 year ago


  • Saad Atiq 1 year ago

    salaam bhai Mara pas 2 pair ha budgies ka 1 pair 5 eggs deya ha or ya Walla pair Mara pas 1 mount sa ha or ma jab lays tha tab be is na 2 baby deya tha Larkin wo Mar gaya or about is na 5 eggs deya ha or 2 pair na abi tak breed be nahi ke ya or ya Walla pair Mara pas 5 month sa ha or is pair ke female na phala kabi eggs or breeding nahi ke to bhai so koi Hal batty

  • Habib Ullah 1 year ago

    budgies ki video kab ani ha

  • Ahmad Abbas 1 year ago

    sir meary jasmine plant ky leaves yellow ho gay hein plz help……..