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In this show, viewers are given a firsthand look into the Satan’s Disciples Gang in Chicago. The “Satan’s Disciples” (SD’s) have a 25-year history as a predominantly Hispanic gang originating from Chicago. The gang is a “Folks” gang, and uses therefore the six-pointed star in some of its graffiti, but almost always accentuated with its unique trademark of “Devil” images. It typifies many of the older traditional Chicago-based gangs in respect to being basically an adult-run criminal enterprise that makes extensive use of juveniles in its drug distribution operations. Unlike the majority of those gangs, it has now spread to over 40 Chicago suburbs as well as to 22 other states. It is, therefore, a big player in the American gang crime scene. FOUNDING OF THE GANG One account gives the Satan’s Disciples gang being started in the 1960’s in the Pilsen neighborhood. The SDs have, admittedly, been active in that area and the rest of the nearwest side and near southside neighborhoods. They were clearly a gang crime problem in Chicago in the 1970’s. Because a number of them started to show up in the prison system as a result of gang prosecutions. They were, at that stage, still small and restricted to a few neighborhood areas of Chicago and were not yet formalized. The formalization of the gang appears to have originated when Larry Hoover’s Gangster Disciple gang was able to establish an alliance system inside the Illinois Department of Corrections back in 1980. Some historical analysis is required here to put this in perspective. Recall that today’s Black Disciples (BD’s) and Gangster Disciples (GD’s) actually evolved from the predecessor gang identity that operated since 1969 as “Devil’s Disciples”. There is some evidence that the “Satan’s Disciples” existed as an independently formed group from about 1975 onward, because […]

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  • Alex Sanchez 10 months ago

    36:36 This Dude wants to know what He Cleaned the Swords With .WTF

  • Babahoe_ 10 months ago

    They ain’t no Latin kings, 18th Street Or Ms13

  • Foo Cue 10 months ago

    Southside Chirac is where it snows leafy green every day.

  • Mr.PooPyBuTHOLE 10 months ago

    jack in the box all day

  • bensbikex510 10 months ago

    autistic gang

  • SDK

  • SAP SetApart 10 months ago

    Niger is a country located in Eastern Africa.
    But it is also a name given to the disciples at Antioch! Who were called Niger!
    Search the Zondervan Bible dictionary for the word Niger: it means BLACK!

    Acts 13:1
    Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and

  • SAP SetApart 10 months ago

    Its crazy when you look at the gangs consist of blacks and hispanics
    A lot of people don't know this but the blacks and Hispanic are Hebrew Israelites with the 6 "point star representing the shield of David
    King David from the 12 disciples spoken of in the Bible!!
    The people who was sold by ships from the west cost of Africa was Israelites who spoke the Hebrew language!!! It is a fact that those Negros fled into the land of Africa and dwelled amounts the Africans who later so don't sold them into slavery to The Grecian's a.k.a. the
    (white man)This is document in history books it's also taught in Major University's like Yale , Duke & Howard!!!
    It's documented in botanical enCyclopedia! And many other books that the so-called Negro is not the same people as the African! the Negro is a descendent of Shem!! You can find this history even when you look into the Moors!! All black people is not the same the original Europeans is a black tall race of people! The people of Australia is a black race of people the people of Egypt is a black race of people the people of Jerusalem is a black race of people- all of these nations I just spoken of was Concorde and their land was taken and their culture was stolen ! this is a fact!
    All of these people was black they was pushed out of their land and none of these black people are the same they are a different lineage!
    Education people!!
    African people comes from the progenitor of ham

  • Mil Spec 10 months ago

    18th n Paulina is Bishops morons.

  • Gold Pepe 10 months ago

    But not all folks get along just remember the black disciples and gangster disciple war

  • Diego Jaimes 10 months ago

    This is why i find chicago gangs wierd. Folks nation is made up of gangs From African American, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans that all join together and fight other African American , puerto rican and mexican gangs

  • Diego Jaimes 10 months ago

    This makes Puerto Ricans look bad , like they dont even look puerto rican they look like white wannabe thugs

  • young hustla 10 months ago

    they should do a documentary on gangster two six

  • Eric x 10 months ago

    Wow, these guys are dumb. Wikked D(umbass) sounds like a dorkier tiger woods.

  • Erik Bravo Leon 10 months ago

    the Hail Satan

  • Courtney Crawford 10 months ago

    SDs ain't rule southside GDs and BDs rule shit

  • Karlos Garcia 10 months ago

    sdk counts run dis

  • They taught you how to become a man ? You POS little bitch,your not a man !

  • Knowledge Copes 10 months ago

    they look like kings

  • Doug Malone 10 months ago

    Another byproduct of illegal immigration.

  • jmferris1138 10 months ago

    LOVE lift us away…!

  • Tower of Power 10 months ago

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  • Marcos Adriano Chicatto 10 months ago

    still listening…

  • Lamarr Avery 10 months ago

    Should have been a bigger hit.  Great song.

  • Haitham Alrawi 10 months ago

    nice American band

  • MrZwip30 10 months ago

    Great Chicago tune!