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I see lots of videos on how to sheet mulch but have not see any on the results they get. I tested it out this year and the results are pretty good and I thought i would share. Related PostsGreat Garden Formula Student Results – Ingrid, CanadaGardening Tips : Mulching Benefits“Tower Garden One Month Results” by Epic GardeningA Perennial Vegetable Garden!Using Mulch in Your Vegetable GardenGrowing A Vegetable Garden In Ontario, Canada 2014

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  • Jared Cox 1 year ago

    Awesome video. I'm planning on kinda doing the same type of thing, but with a rotating garden. I would like your thoughts on it if you have time… I have a good bit of land, most of it I let a guy grow hay on. So my plan is to have a rotating compost garden. Where I have 3 or 4 sectioned off connected areas with each about the size of your garden (imagine a rectangle cut off into 3 or 4 areas by fencing) Each section will be big enough for my garden for that year… the other 2 or 3 areas will be where I add shredded leaves, shredded paper, etc… and I will have worm towers throughout all sections for my veggie compost. So in year one, I'll plant in section one, while building soil in the other sections with compost and worm castings, then the next year plant in the next section, and so on and so on. The idea being that I'll build the soil over the years to have a better garden each year. I do know I'll have weeds with this method though… so trying to think of the best method to prevent from having a bunch… Since I have hay, was thinking about laying down a good layer of that in the fall on the section I plan to use as my garden during the next year. I also work at a big box store, so I can get bails of cardboard for free, you could too if you wanted. We have to pay about 20 bucks to have them taken away.. so most places would gladly place a bail on your truck or trailer for ya. However, there may be some cardboard in there not suitable for gardening ( lots of ink or wax) that you'd need to shift out and it's crushed, not flattened. So, it wouldn't be near as easy to lay down, but you would get all you need in one trip.

    Anyway, thanks for any recommendations.

  • Bwerani Nettles 1 year ago

    Grass for mulch. Do you see simply in the grass or what exactly do you? Thank you for the info

  • e stan 1 year ago

    The onions seeds made a small onion that you can plant the next year.

  • Vickie Hastings 1 year ago

    I'm proud of you reults

  • Corbin Berryman 1 year ago

    I love learning from you. You are such an amazing teacher.

  • hoochrocks 1 year ago

    Nice garden. Makes me excited for ours this year.

  • Sharon Middleton 1 year ago

    i found in virginia it best to plant onions in the fall . I have planted as late as early November. Make sure they have plenty of horse or chicken manure.Around May pull back the mulch so it exposes the top of the white bulb if you dont do this it will keep as a spring onion. My dad exposes it down to the root. That how it make onions.

  • Jesus Saves 1 year ago

    Nice! What zone are you in?