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Check out our store for official Critical Role merch: Catch Critical Role live Thursdays at 7PM PT on Alpha and Twitch: Alpha: Twitch: Listen to the Critical Role podcast: As Vox Machina prepares for their return to Emon, Grog demands a rematch against Kern to regain his honor. Keylith and Tiberius get into trouble with the law, as Burt “Scanlan” Reynolds mounts a legal defense. Percy has a series of unusual encounters while shopping, as Vax contemplates a tattoo. Upon returning home, the group has an awkward encounter with a fan, but there’s no time to rest with bad news on the horizon… For More On RPGs, Go to Thanks to @CRTranscript and all the #critters for closed captions! Visit us on Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: Join our community at: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Video Rating: / 5 Human beings have been spreading across earth for thousands of years. It is believed that we originated from Southern Africa around 200,000 years ago and Around 130,000 years later we migrated out of Africa and colonised pretty much the entire planet. Within these tremendous years humans have used and destroyed parts of the earth for our own benefit. We have invented all sorts of things to improve our own quality of life and have only recently started to worry about what our actions mean for our home planet. But what if our time is nearly up? What if the human species was wiped out, or maybe we drained the resources we use to survive and just upped and left? What would the earth be like without humans. Well it is said that one of the first things to happen if humans disappeared would be very destructive. Man kind has […]

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  • kenneth Membreno 3 weeks ago


  • Chris Wheeless 3 weeks ago

    I find it odd. Are they just good actors or ACTUALLY drunk?

  • Ian Espiritu 3 weeks ago

    Travis' nipples get hard when he gets really into it

  • Kathryn Livingston 3 weeks ago

    Please tell me there's a critmas series… I love watching them open and look for the gifts as they play.

  • ksolis145 3 weeks ago

    Travis called it! With the Incredibles!

  • Geoffrey Lancaster 3 weeks ago

    What's the lovely metal music during intermission? Shazam tells me nothing.

  • sts101 3 weeks ago

    Dungeon Master Matt weapons file folder special ability always prepared

  • Balthazar2234 3 weeks ago

    The mad scientist sounds a lot like digger from the Atlantis movie

  • Balthazar2234 3 weeks ago

    Did Matt just let grog win?

  • GoatGamez 3 weeks ago

    "Ever seen the Incredibles?"

    Mercer idea face slightly shows

  • Giona Foti 3 weeks ago

    Yo guys anyone know where to find these brawl rules for 5e? And how do i deal with a monk?

  • Tpoops 3 weeks ago

    The shit with the fanboy was honestly super touching

  • Nate A Tavares 3 weeks ago

    Is all of Vox Machina chaotic neutral/good?

  • plaash 3 weeks ago

    Jeeeeez matt rolled so freeking good in the fight and grog like nothing really big

  • Orion looks like Voldemort from OotP in the thumbnail.

  • Edward R. 3 weeks ago

    It breaks my heart to learn that Travis is a Cowboys fan.

  • Connor Gamer0672 3 weeks ago

    Holy. Shit

  • doublea125 3 weeks ago

    Conversation: 50 decibels
    Hair Dryer: 70 decibels
    Bass Drum: 90 decibels
    Gun shot: 130 decibels
    The Critical Role cast after Matt says "How do you want to do this?": 9000 decibels.

  • Diddly 3 weeks ago

    The way Tiberius interrupted Scanlen was so shitty.

  • ishe nicole 3 weeks ago

    HUMAN RACE are destructive…. Earth will be better off without humans….

  • Space Channel - Astronomy and Technology 3 weeks ago

    So before earth returns back to normal,pre-human nature,Earth would be even more fucked up with radiation and many more.
    Then in many years later the monkeys we see today will evolve into another intelligent life and find our remains.

  • Ma Chatte 2 weeks ago

    if humans leave the planet, this would be the most happiest planet of the universe

  • KHAMARI TO WAVY 2 weeks ago

    People say if white people left china would enslave or kill the rest of the races

  • Crimsonlee2XX 2 weeks ago

    If u ever played the Last of us game I think this is what the cordycep spores are going for in this video.

  • The Ultimate JokerFan 2 weeks ago

    If humans disappeared the animals would be happy. Fuck the human race! And don't give me any of that, "You are a human too." bullshit. Animals are better.

  • Christopher hellcat P 2 weeks ago

    Maybe robots should take over.

  • Christopher hellcat P 2 weeks ago

    This is sad

  • Christopher hellcat P 2 weeks ago

    Maybe humans should hurry up and go extinct.

  • Marie Cruickshank 2 weeks ago

    This is interting but scarry to think this could happen.x

  • Trillin 09 2 weeks ago

    Then Splatoon happened… Because humans are extinct in that timeline…

  • Nada Karam 2 weeks ago

    You are so depressing lol.

  • Tray Garner 2 weeks ago

    White People have fucked us all

  • Tony Guzman 2 weeks ago

    yikes that sucks

  • Hey, that was GOOD, dude!

  • fjr pejaa 2 weeks ago

    the maker of this vid must be leaving his home without turning off any switch

  • John C. Kincaid II 2 weeks ago

    almost time…

  • Azathoth Asul morgul 2 weeks ago

    we would become a toxic layer of extinction like the black layer left by the comet that wiped out the reptiles