Added by on 2016-02-28 The Rain Tower – Vertical Hydroponic System I had this idea for a vertical hydroponic system to take up less space and made it come to life. It works better than expected. I plan on making an 8′ tall system to use outdoors this summer to take advantage of all the free sunlight. There will be a video soon of how to make one step by step as well as downloadable templates from my website. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build The Rain Tower Vertical Hydroponic SystemRain Tower Vertical Hydroponic System: With My ModificationsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHydroponic Vertical Rain TowerEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodRain Tower hydroponic, my modifications

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  • Michael Mendez 1 year ago

    great aeroponic system

  • Iqbal Hariadi 1 year ago

    kampung ah

  • Haerdur 1 year ago

    How much do those grow lights cost? and how much electricity do they use? and do you keep them on all the time?

  • zaidi iberahim 1 year ago

    Good video.. :)

  • dogfight156 1 year ago

    cool vid

  • agamename 1 year ago

    You sir, are brillant, thank you.

  • brandonlasvegas 1 year ago

    man that's cool!

  • Fay Styir 1 year ago

    No doubt you can save a lot of money construction hydroponics by yourself rather than buying it.

  • helloman1976 1 year ago

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing…

  • Mama Spooky 1 year ago

    That is a very cool system really! you're saving so much on soil and space. Is it affordable? I mean the systems plus the electricity used to power the pumps? also, can you throw compost tea in there once in a while to super charge the nutrients? and what are those water stones u used? can u use regular pebbles? or they have to be those brown bean looking ones? 

  • Tonelero 1 year ago

    I'd call it hydroponics in my opinion.  Pretty cool.  Those pebble things aren't really dirt or air so it's hydroponics.

  • MrJohnnation 1 year ago

    Great video. 🙂
    If you use rain tower indoor, what is the best way to deploy lights?

  • Ithcarius 1 year ago

    Also the Tower Garden is UV protected to keep it from cracking in the sun

  • Ithcarius 1 year ago

    And regarding "leaching" the Tower Garden is made from Food Grade Plastic, but I also believe that PVC is also Food Grade as they are manufactured to be used in plumbing. Hope that helps.

  • Ithcarius 1 year ago

    FYI this is NOT a hydroponic system. Look up the definition.
    Merriam Webster: a method of growing plants in water rather than in soil
    Cambridge: the method of growing plants in water to which special chemicals are added, rather than growing them in earth

    The key word phrase is "in water" NOT "with water." Hydroponics involves having the roots submerged "in water" CONSISTENTLY and not intermittently.
    This is an AEROPONIC system.
    Cambridge: A plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a fine mist.

    You may have mentioned that this is aeroponic in your video, but the titles on this video and your website are absolutely misleading.

  • Tomas Vergara 1 year ago

    I will definitely do this!.

  • Zach St. Pierre 1 year ago

    Interesting only 15min every hour? I built a system like it in my window. I have a air stone in the tank and a water pump also. You don't have any issues with the pump turning off and on all the time?