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Nature lovers can be thankful perhaps that so much of Hong Kong is either inconvenient to get to or not so easy to build on. There are more than 260 outlying islands, not forgetting the hills and mountains. This largely explains why 40% of Hong Kong’s land mass is occupied by country parks and nature reserves. Bureaucrats however seem to see the heart of the city as a nature free zone. Even the country parks sprout concrete paths and other parks have a long list of rules seemingly designed as a barrier to recreation. And on the rare occasion that a tree falls down, this collapse results in a massacre of dozens of other “killer trees”. After the collapse of one roof at City University, there are worries that green roofs could be the next feature to become the victim of excessive zeal. In 1984 the Buildings Department began introducing guidelines for access facilities in neighbourhoods and buildings, aimed at creating a barrier-free environment for people with physical disabilities. But here we are, more than thirty years later, and things have improved somewhat, but not as much as they might have. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFarm Direct Hydroponics Farm in Hong KongAssignment Asia: Vertical farming in Hong KongHong Kong Parkview Rooftop Hydroponic FarmOptigrPrairie Green RoofShipping container house – Green roof

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  • Archie Leung 5 months ago

    If a plane were to came down due to
    inexplicable mechanical fault all the other plane of the same model
    would be grounded pending investigation. This is because the
    operator/manufacturer is taking full responsibility of their action /
    product. The solution in this case is simple. Remove ALL green roof
    for the time being until they have been certified by Civil
    Engineering Department. Regretefully, this department was sleeping on
    the job when the CEO propose the green roof plan. May be this is also
    a cultural issue. It is unthinkable for a head of department to
    contradict the leader (this is a stupid idea). I will explain why. To
    green the roof one must consider 1) surface water must not allow to
    pentrate into the concrete. Water will erode the iron bar weaken the
    structure, 2) the weight of soil, water and plants. Plants will grow
    and become heavier. When we consider the waeight we also have to
    consider the weight tomorrow, 3) some plants have deep routes. They
    can pentrate a lot of materials to allow water to follow, 4) beware
    of dry rote. They can go through concrete and, in some cases,
    collapse a house in a matter of days. This list is not exhaustive.
    The horror of ignorance is unfathamable. Let me explain. If the roof
    of an apartment collapsed it would naturally land on the floor below.
    The floor below is designed take an occasional piano not heavy
    machinery like a factory. Theresfore the floor below would give way
    very soon. Now we have the combined weight of two concrete floors
    plus the weight of whatever is legally or illegally on to the next
    floor. This floor will give way quicker. Now we have the vibration
    added to the mix acerbate the collapse to the building. The full
    effect is unpredictable. To green the city is a noble idea. How we do
    it is a different matter. The current CEO suggest you to take a lunch
    time dip to improve you health. Wait a minute, did some one saw his
    shadow at that collapsed building years ago. God bless HK.