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In this video ( we looked at the key principles of organic farming – the use of more natural alternatives instead of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides or feed additives for livestock. This all sounds great, but there is more to the story. Organic farming isn’t all good. The yields are lower because more produce is damaged by pests, and carefully selected chemical pesticides cannot be used. With an ever-growing world population, we have limited land to feed everyone from. So should we therefore just focus on maximising yields? Or to get the same yields, more land would need to be farmed. Where would this surplus land come from – cutting down our remaining forests and rainforests? This would be far worse for the environment both in terms of climate change and biodiversity. A study in the UK found that a litre of organic milk requires 80% more land than conventional milk to produce. That’s a lot more land, and makes you wonder whether organic foods are a luxury the world just cannot afford to provide. Interestingly, it has been found that some organic farming methods require more water than non-organic alternatives; a huge problem as droughts become more regular and water more scarce. Organic is not necessarily better for the environment either. Organic dairy farms do actually produce more methane per cow than conventional farms because of the diet of the cattle: organic cows apparently burp twice as much as conventional cows!! As methane is a greenhouse gas, this does not bode well for global warming. You also need to consider the airmiles of your produce… in the UK most of the organic food is imported, so if there is a conventionally farmed alternative from a local source then it may be better for the environment to opt for […]

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  • Liene Krauja 2 years ago

    If cows take up so much energy and place, then maybe we should stop use them, huh? Go vegan guys!! 🙂

  • Constantine P 2 years ago

    This is so much bullshit!There is plenty of food for everyone,as long as if we stop stuffing our faces every second with food.And when did natures way ever become harmful to the environment?I smell some GMO propaganda here guys.

  • BlackTar 2 years ago

    You can't fix a shitty game.

  • The Doc 2 years ago

    No news on raid and weekly events matchmaking?

  • Bread 2 years ago

    Unfortunately destiny is kind of washed out now.

  • TSJames 2 years ago

    Lol I sold destiny like 3 days after it came out. You Can't fix boring when it's based off being boring and looking good in trailers for money.

  • WhoaNellyJake 2 years ago

    They better have plans to fix this, and MUCH more sooner than later.

  • Jivarn Rahaman 2 years ago

    did i hear him say new shaders? 

  • Robert Johnson 2 years ago

    Gee Bungie, if only you could fix all the boring parts of Destiny…

  • THEKINGBETWEEN 2 years ago

    i want the unique class items to do things

  • GunSet OnStun 2 years ago

    If you can't get mats out chest why would any high level RE visit low level area? low people can't do pubic events alone?

  • GunSet OnStun 2 years ago

    So one lazy asshole who does not wants the mats to be in the tower like Walmart

  • CarlosG 0619 2 years ago

    Ok Bungie its SOOOOOO LATE……. CoD Advanced Warfare is already out for more than a week. Nobody is playing Destiny.

  • FPS50 2 years ago

    Thank you polygon man

  • FPS50 2 years ago

    What happened to public events?? its soo useless take it out and save memory, what happened to voice chat??? How about weekly events like queens mission and iron banner? start adding content I'm getting bored.

  • Joshua Christensen 2 years ago

    I would like to be able to do something with my "sapphire wire". I have almost a thousand of those things now.

  • Drexzillaknight 2 years ago

    I hope it will be rewarded after you do things, can buy… Non transaction with glimmer because come on all of us have 25000 ready haha and just other random things

  • dlink1013 2 years ago

    Sold this boring game and bought cod. Never thought cod would be fun again but compared to destiny it is.

  • fcfdroid 2 years ago

    Like this one destin! Blunt n to Da point!

  • Royal Knight 2 years ago

    Polygon Man?

  • Latoy Media 2 years ago

    there probably be a guy like will give u bounties for like 25 spinmetal in return or u can buy materials with glimmer!

  • spydeewhydee 2 years ago

    Next Bungie update? Fix this 'Boring' game.