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Patrick Blanc, the botanist and the inventor of the Vertical Garden talks about his work. 2003 Related PostsThe private jungles of Patrick BlancThe private Jungles of Patrick Blanc – 21st Century Garden Art (Trailer)Patrick Blanc talks about vertical gardens at One Central Park November 2012Vertical Garden, Patrick Blanc, London 2016Patrick Blanc at the Korean TVVertical Wall Garden In Office by Patrick Blanc

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  • SithSereyPheap1 1 year ago

    Oh the countless beauty you had contributed to fellow man and humanity.Monsieur Blanc ! You must allow me to make you a cup of tea mon ami ! ;)))))

  • Jenny Hallam 1 year ago

    ever since I first heard about the idea of a vertical garden I fell in love with it

  • Alexander Nijman 1 year ago

    Well nature is the best architect!