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As always enjoy! Check out Justin’s (Hunter JJx’s) band: Tweets by UponTheWater OpTic Fitness Channel – ———————— FOLLOW – SUBSCRIBE – FOLLOW – WATCH STREAM – Snapchat – Chaveso ——————————————————— Code “Flamesword” for 5% off your SCUF purchase: ———— Follow the guys! Boze’s channel – BigT’s channel: Maniac’s channel: Crim’s channel: Pamaj’s channel: Hitch’s channel: Scump’s channel: Hecz’s channel: ——————— Video Rating: / 5 GreenWall PVC sheet piling Related PostsA HALO CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE GREENWALL!?CHAMPIONS #GREENWALLGREENWALL IS EVERYWHERE!!!!Gardening Power to the People: Trellis / Vertical GardeningThe POWER of Community GardensHAPS HYDROPONIC KITS SETUP GUIDE. 5 – POWER ON


Vertical Gardens



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  • Belky34 8 months ago

    Bro, as a person who lives in Vegas and gambles all the time, you need to stay off the strip when you gamble and go to a station's casino! Much better odds!

  • Waldo Os 8 months ago

    will call me pls

  • Bradley Panganiban 8 months ago

    Where is that big beer pong place you went to flamesword? It looks fun

  • CrazyCorz 8 months ago

    Glad you having a blast in LV Mike

  • Yo its Gilkey lol

  • BoroBoyo1 8 months ago

    You missed Overeem kill a man

  • Kyle Bet 8 months ago

    elumite was trashed!!!!!lolol

  • Aidan115 115 8 months ago

    The fight was tactical, both fighters new the dangers of over attacking. It wasn't boring, just slow and a lot of patience. Personally I thought it was a good fight and I've been watching MMA for 6 years. For the casual fans I can understand why they were booing but they don't understand skill involved and how you can't go out and swing for the fences.

  • KrAziiPwNaGe 8 months ago

    You dont pronounce tour as terr so I'm not pronouncing tournament as terrnament lmfao

  • Jdude512 Lebowski 8 months ago

    Whoopi Goldberg bout to lay the smack down 0:30

  • Connor Vids 8 months ago

    Lol you butchered her name , i died when you made that face

  • K.O Entertainment 8 months ago

    Flame is the plug? Damn..

  • Eric Perez 8 months ago

    Question fellas, your Uber driver is a nice elderly lady but makes you 30 minutes to your event because she has trouble following directions. Do you tip?

  • Frodo Gamingz 8 months ago

    Mike I know you got faded you couldn't resist the alc you dirty dan

  • Da MotaNator 760 8 months ago

    flame is the goat

  • Matt LongBall 8 months ago

    Terrible night for ufc

  • Brandon Cosme 8 months ago

    Thompson should've won that.