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Wow! Plants are so important for us! ?? Why do we need plants? Write your answers in the comments! 👉SUBSCRIBE TO HAPPY LEARNING! 👉Web site: 👉Follow us on Facebook: Recommended video: Photosynthesis —- In this video, we will learn how plants feed and how they are classified into four groups: algae, mosses, ferns and phanerogams. Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today, we are going to learn about the importance of plants, their main characteristics and also, their classification. Presenting… The plant kingdom! You already know that plants can’t move from one place to another, as you can see in these images, the great majority are held to the ground by roots, but they fulfill the vital functions of all living things: they are born, they grow, reproduce and die. As you can see in these images, there are many types of plants, but… Do you know how many types there are? Well, according to scientists there are approximately 9 million different species. Some are gigantic, like this tree, that’s capable of producing shade for 100 people, at the same time! Others are tiny, like this miniscule flower… but although they may be different, they all have something in common… they are able to make their own food. Plants don’t feed off other living creatures, like animals do, but they make their own food, thanks to photosynthesis, a process that transforms sunlight and inorganic matter in their surrounding, into food. Photosynthesis is super important for plants, but for all living things too! Because in that process they release oxygen into the world… and without oxygen, none of us would be here today watching this video. Are plants important or what? Plants were one of the first forms of life that appeared on earth, thanks […]

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