A repurposed meatpacking building is becoming a sustainable vertical farm that’s completely off grid. And they’re going to make beer.

special thanks to
John Edel, Abby Lundrigan, and The Plant (http://www.plantchicago.com)

The Plant’s kickstarter project for a lobby and retail space

Photography courtesy of Plant Chicago, NFP/Rachel Swenie.

Music By
Whirm – http://whirm.bandcamp.com/
Rob Scallon

Opener http://bit.ly/1jL68Dq
Does Recycling Work? http://bit.ly/18oCg01
What Prevents Recycling?http://bit.ly/187LjNi
Greenest Man in Chicago http://bit.ly/IpXA9O
The Plant: Growing Off Grid http://bit.ly/1aZgTjF
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle http://bit.ly/17VaxS4

Origins http://bit.ly/19gbHEG
Airplanes! http://bit.ly/15tF7zp
Rockstar Lifestyle http://bit.ly/14MXgXo
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Produced by
Craig Benzine, Sam Grant, Matt Weber, David Wolff and Ryan Wolff
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James from Plant Chicago, NFP explains the basics of aquaponics. Learn more about Plant Chicago, its aquaponics systems and its other farm operations at http://www.PlantChicago.org.

Aquaponics is a recirculating, closed-loop food production system for growing fish and plants in a symbiotic environment. Plant Chicago, NFP operates several aquaponic systems in the basement of The Plant!

Website: http://www.PlantChicago.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantchicago
Twitter: @PlantChicago | https://twitter.com/plantchicago
Video Rating: / 5

The Plant: Growing Off Grid

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