The use of renewable sources is today a very topical issue for two reasons: the high rate of atmospheric pollution achieved and the scarcity of resources used up to now. Each commercial sector has therefore decided to direct research towards alternative sources in order to find systems that could have zero environmental impact.


photovoltaic panelsThe outdoor lighting sector, even if only recently, has introduced systems that allow you to illuminate the garden only through sunlight. Obviously the choice in the use of this alternative source allows to have numerous advantages: zero costs as regards the electric current because any outdoor lamp you choose, uses only the use of solar energy, which obviously has no cost; if the traditional electricity were to have a blackout, the garden would still be illuminated, and furthermore the installation does not involve the same costs as a traditional system.

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To place these light elements in the garden, you just need to insert them into the ground. The choice of where to place them can be changed over time because they don’t have a base to fix to the ground and they don’t have cables to disconnect. Moreover, it is a very responsible choice because it allows you to respect the environment while obtaining the same quality as a traditional lighting system. The duration of the brightness depends on how much sun it will be able to collect, which is why you have to carefully study the location of these spotlights, if they have a small panel on the end. A too shaded area does not allow the spotlight to perform its function properly because the foliage prevents the rays from reaching the solar panel. These spotlights can also have sensors that allow you to turn on or intensify the brightness if a person approaches.

On the market it is possible to buy photovoltaic power supply kits that allow you to make all the lamps in the garden work. The photovoltaic panel will be unique and placed in a space where the sun’s rays are present for most of the day. A single cable will be sufficient to connect all the lighting elements. The panel is connected to a battery with a charge controller. A garden that has a traditional power supply can easily replace, by means of this system, electricity with photovoltaics. In addition, the battery can also be programmed to switch on and off so that the lights switch on in the evening and switch off at dawn.

Taking advantage of this innovation also means being able to buy a greater number of items because the only expense that will have to be faced is that relating to the purchase of the street lamp. There will be no thought for the replacement of the bulbs and no particular maintenance because the photovoltaic panel is able to work autonomously. Orienting yourself on this system allows you to have a considerable saving on your bill and you will not have to ask yourself the problem of garden lights that are often forgotten on. To satisfy every kind of request, it was taken into account to create the same models used for traditional energy, so we can find street lamps of any height, or small spotlights on the ground.

Everyone can choose the system that they consider most suitable for their garden with the certainty that this installation will not involve any cost. Respect for the environment is equally fundamental because in this way the lighting system integrates perfectly with nature and does not cause any damage to it. The lighting elements that use photovoltaics are also made of plastic and this makes them so light that they can be moved easily.

There are so many advantages of a photovoltaic garden even if someone wonders how they emit light in winter. In reality, if well positioned, they are able to capture the sun’s rays even in winter, so the problem does not exist. It is a system that works all year round, even if obviously in summer the light intensity will certainly be higher. The photovoltaic panel installed to operate more light elements is the same as the photovoltaic systems that are installed on the roofs of houses to produce energy. The cost for a lighting system is certainly quite low and must always be placed in relation to the numerous advantages that are obtained. It is weatherproof and it is not necessary to cover it with a canopy, it can be installed directly without requiring the intervention of a specialized person. For those who think they are unfamiliar there is no problem, the retailer will certainly be able to provide information or have a person in charge of the assembly.

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