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  • dillysgirl4ever 4 weeks ago

    Cooleemee, I like you already! 🙂 Anyway, another really amazing book you can refer to your friends (and enemies) on this subject is called The Indomnitable Tin Goose by Charles Pearson. There, you get the entire saga from beginning to end, with some really cool musings inbetween. Also, have you checked out TACA's Facebook page? If you haven't, you should. 😀

  • Dan Uscian 4 weeks ago

    The old Tucker plant is located at 7401 S. Cicero Ave., in Chicago. The Ford City Shopping Mall and Tootsie Roll Industries now occupy the old plant site. The Tootsie Roll plant appears to use the actual old buidings. This was originally the Dodge Plant (Chrysler Corp) where Boeing B-29 Superfortress engines (Wright 3350) were built during World War II. Ford Motor Co. would later occupy the plant and produce jet engines under contract for the government hence the name "Ford City" today.

  • TheTrh2130 4 weeks ago

    Where in Chicago is this plant located?

  • javier h 4 weeks ago

    material intangible para los que somos curiosos por el legado de los hombres de hierro como es el caso de preston , como me gustaria que la industria automovilistica no fuera tan desechable como esta siendo china y japon con sus autos y como me gustaria que la magia del automovil 0 emision sea realidad(electricos infalibles)……..

  • talfacprez 4 weeks ago

    Both Tucker, Davis and Crosley could have revolutionized the automotive industry if they would have just let the same rules of free enterprise apply to everyone equally.

  • LevAgency 4 weeks ago

    Evolution is a funny thing. You never know if killing off a competitor will cause you to become extinct in the future. The big three did not want to compete with Tucker, now they Can't Compete with the global manufacturer. Irony, is a beautiful thing. Long live innovators, inventors, on who's spirit and ideas this great country was built on, and the time will tell for the three DODO BIRDS.