The NO RULES Vegetable Gardening Method | 9 Key Lessons from a Year of Growing Intuitively

This was an experimental growing season for me as I decided to go without a gardening plan and follow a style of no rules gardening coupled with intuitive vegetable gardenig to see how the year would turn out. It is now the end of the growing seasons so it’s time to look at what happened, what the 9 key lessons I learnt were, and what that means for the next growing season. I really hope you find this video useful and next week’s video is all about Lazy Composting.

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Lesson 1
1:45 Lesson 2
3:05 Lesson 3
4:20 Lesson 4
6:08 Permaculture Article
6:35 Lesson 5
8:03 Lesson 6
9:18 Lesson 7
10:07 Lesson 8
11:11 Lesson 9
12:43 What next?

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The NO RULES Vegetable Gardening Method | 9 Key Lessons from a Year of Growing Intuitively

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  • Angela Conniss

    Huw I have just got my first allotment. It needs a lot of work but there were a few raised beds. The soil is clay. The beds had only base soil and nothing at the top. There is a farmer who supplies horse manure that the allotment holders use so I have been able to get 3 beds refilled however what would I be able to grow in such heavily manured beds come spring? I am going to top dress them with compost before I plant.

  • Dusty Splinters

    Intuitive Gardening is fun…
    But there are 2 calendars we need to follow.
    1) Typical planting and 2) what nature is providing.
    Learn and adjust.
    I had great success with beets and carrots this year.
    Planted late summer as the heat and dryness subsided…
    So sweet and tasty even as I harvest now in November.
    I'm in 5 – 5b in USA and we have had freezing 20 deg f nights off and on already.
    Enjoying the seSON AND THE JOURNEY IS THE KE.

    Thanks for your videos… Peace, Walter

  • Amy Sternheim

    I'm already thinking about what to grow next year! I'm going to try the "three sisters" method and try to grow cantaloupe since several volunteers grew on their own this year! Gardening is for optimists! LOL

  • The Optimistic Gardener

    Hi Huw, so the fact that you were distracted and haven't got as many winter vegetables this year; is that not the downside of not having a planting plan? Not that you have to slavishly follow, but to look at maybe the start of every week/month and then you can say "right i need to be planting this now" or 'ok, my plan says that but no I am going to do this". This is the Project Manager in me saying "fail to plan, plan to fail" šŸ™‚

  • Vikki Elliott

    I've always gardened like that but I thought I was just disorganised without the time to make a plan, turns out I'm actually intuitive, creative and experimental, who knew? LOL Great video as always. Thank you.

  • Leslie Nguyen

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  • Jennifer Germain

    I found that I had a lot more to plant than usual this year, I planted crops much closer than I would usually, just had so much. Well my yield was amazing, not everything worked well but what did worked extremely well. Far more tomatoes (for example) planted much closer than I ever have and all the plants did so well, my neighbors were grateful as there was far more than we could eat. My lesson learned, the spacing recommendations are just that.

  • Thomas Fuchs

    A little OT: I wanted to say thank you for recommending "Kiss the Ground". It was a great documentary that gives me hope for the future. I also have to admit as someone who eats almost entirely plant based it has shown me that, done the right way, animals can play an important role in regenerating the land. It doesn't change what I want to eat, because environment was always only one factor, but it changes what I can tell others, who don't want to give up meat. Considering the documentary was narrated by a vegan and features a couple of vegans, I hope this can build bridges as we share many interests. To save the planet we must end growing crops for lifestock and we must greatly reduce our consumption of animal products, but we don't have to be entirely plant based and that seems a lot easier to get people on board.

  • Irene Ventzke-Brandt

    I am not super good with sticking to planting plans. Sometimes I simply feel I have to change things. This year I ended up with about 80 tomatoe seedlings and all got their space in the garden. I planted them in groups of ten in different parts of the garden to try out the different positions ( wind, sun, soil) and to keep them far enough apart from each other in case of blight infection. And it really worked well and was very interesting to watch how and where and maybe why it worked – or didn't. I planted flowers into vegs beds and beans into flower beds. Just where there was space!

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