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The idea of vertical farms that offer fresh vegetables served on-site is catching on across Japan. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: Related PostsThe Newest Trend In Tokyo – Vertical FarmsMore than work: Tokyo office grows own food in vertical farmScoop Future Trend ?????????????? :Vertical Farming ????????????Vertical farming big trend in Chicago“Vertical Farms” — A new way to growTokyo’s Vertical Farms – The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • imageMILL 1 year ago

    This footage has been stolen from our video, what gives you the right to illegally download our work and edit it, yes you gave me a written credit, but you never contacted our organization, you don't have permission to use any of our footage, please take down immediately

  • Endrikh Darkvine CXVI 1 year ago

    The future of agriculture (y)

  • Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION) 1 year ago

    Awesome! I hope this becomes a trend in Architecture and development everywhere.