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this base is overpowered lol Fortify: Join me on Discord: Or come to PrinceVidz’s Discord, it’s more lit: Video Rating: / 5 Click on this link for more information about house framing, home additions and building repairs. This video will provide you with a little more information on how you can cut or drill holes in roof sheathing to provide ventilation for roofs that are built over roofs whether for new construction or room additions. Don’t forget to visit the website for and organized list of our videos. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNEW ROOF BUNKER – New Rust Exploit Building 3.2NEW Roof Ramp Exploit! | COMPLETELY Hidden Loot Room + TC! | RUST 3.0 | The ALCOVELife Sciences Building: Green Roof & Teaching TerraceBuilding a Green Roof Part 2: Leak DetectionComprotex Home building Roof Shingle Calculator in Excel Instructional VideoBuilding new Front Porch, adding decorative Concrete, new roof, New Old House on the Block!


Green Roofs


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  • juan321654 1 month ago

    Point of view building will always be better

  • Canthev 1 month ago

    great find man!! I'll have to experiment with this to see if there's any other good builds with this exploit! I'll make sure to shout out your channel if I end up making a video using the exploit 🙂 great work!

  • Jack Debel 1 month ago

    how do you exit the base 🙂

  • budsatawny 1 month ago

    Yet another great glitch…Makes i guy wonder if they letting these things in the game kinda like easter eggs 🙂

  • Marc Hays 1 month ago

    Please include Fortify link for your future base design. Community would appreciate it.

  • Why doesn’t you’re cute ass have more subs?

  • Vicious 1 month ago

    Patch 3.3 inc

  • PrinceVidz 1 month ago

    First 😀

  • Armando Perez 1 month ago

    Very good video.I will add the need of strapping the new rafters or trusses to the existing trusses.This is a requirement by the building code

  • I don't know the exact code off the top of my head but i think if there is more than 30 or 36 inches of space between the ceiling joists and rafters then you have to have full access to the space…not just a ventilation hole.

  • Matia Smith 1 month ago

    can a flat roof be built over a flat roof with wood. i don't want my old wood pulled up. i don't like the fact of no ceiling.

  • Andrew Harteveldt 1 month ago

    if the ceiling is a vaulted ceiling with LVL as ridge beam, supported on by the two walls and extending to the existing roof sheathing, how would it be best then to ventalate this space?

  • Michael Jordan 1 month ago

    another great video! thank you thank you

  • jmc90213 1 month ago

    Did he mention why good ventilation is necessary?

  • Maxima 1 month ago

    your videos always come at the right time. how many whirlybirds or roof vents do you need on the roof and the addition in your first diagram of the home in the beginning of the video. do you need a roof vent on the addition if there is a square hole cut into the main structure?