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Carson Arthur shows you how to bring the outdoors inside with these simple and beautiful potted plants. With millennial’s in mind these plants take up minimal space and leave your home looking alive! Related PostsIndoor Gardening TipsFood Gardening TrendsVertical Farming, Plant Factory Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020TRENDS – Wohnwand Vitrine Sideboard MALTETRENDS – LIVIN Wohnwand Vitrine Sideboard CELANOTRENDS – Wohnwand Vitrine Kommode TALIDA

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  • bkrbkrl 2 weeks ago

    Tip: google DIY planters and make your own or visit the thrift stores. Paying ridiculous prices on new planters isn't necessary.

  • Colorful 365 2 weeks ago

    Where can we find the wall planters????

  • Fatima 2 weeks ago

    Me to I started last year and I"m 46.

  • Marge Hayes 2 weeks ago

    I would put some little rocks under pot in the planter If I was doing it…

  • Marge Hayes 2 weeks ago

    Ohhh he is handsome!

  • Michalla Hansen 2 weeks ago

    How did you build that wooden structure above and around you

  • Depy Xirouchakis 2 weeks ago

    Nice !!!!

  • Avon Malka Canada 2 weeks ago

    Ive been growing a little avacado grove on a side table in my townhouse. They are so pretty!