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There is no excuse to create this vertical garden. It is extremely affordable and very easy to make. This are the links irrigation system MAKE SURE TO INSTALL IT FIRST, I DID IT BACKWARDS AND DAMAGE SOME OF MY PLANTS 🙁 SHOE HOLDERS FROM IKEA FOR SOME REASON I CAN’T FIND THE BLACK ONES ANYMORE, BUT I AM SURE YOU COULD FIND THEM SIMILAR IN ANOTHER STORE 🙁 ANOTHER ONE AFFORDABLE OPTION WATER SPRAY GALON SIZE Gutter from home depot Benny Thompson of the Dark Nectar Cooperative shows me his vertical garden that enables him to grow a lot of food in a very small footprint while using less water and having the crops grow faster and larger than in soil. Learn more about the system Follow them on Instagram 🎙Learn more on the podcast 🎙 🌱Learn how to start a Profitable Microgreens Business ✔️ Follow Diego on IG ✔️ Follow PaperpotCo on IG Podcasts by Diego Footer: ▶️ Microgreens: ▶️ Vegetable Farming: ▶️ Livestock Farming: ▶️ Large Scale Farming: 🛠 Small Farm Tools 🛒 Support my content while you shop at Amazon: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Gardening Idea | Ikea Shoe Organizer Hack For Growing GreensIKEA Hyllis Hack: DIY Indoor herb GardenIkea Hack | DIY Wall Planter⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!Affordable Vertical Gardens by Mr StackyHow to Make a Floating Vertical Planter Wall Out of Affordable Cedar Pickets

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  • Samantha Begelfor 7 months ago

    This is genius! Off to Ikea.

  • AIR Studio - Angel Riveros 7 months ago

    yey!!!!! go green! I am such a fan of succulents and vertical gardens too 😀 …. I wish i had more light in my place so I have a bigger green wall 🙁
    do you think you would try this hack?

  • Krishna Manikandan 7 months ago

    Very informative video.

  • Andrew Parry 7 months ago

    I've always been kinda put off hydroponics, as it appears to be something between merely not being as nature intended…and something that I associate with chemicals. But I never did enough research to form an opinion, so couldn't help but wonder. Subscribed!

  • Rich Stone 7 months ago

    He has a cool and efficient system. Plants look really good. I may try this system under lights. I'm still a soil man, soil is King. It's not as hard as some think. Thanks

  • Salongirl Gardens 7 months ago

    Cool. I wonder if I can recirculate water from my fish pond and do something like this?

  • Green Snapper 7 months ago

    To save Cash a 4×4 Post Vinyl Post works the same way.. Like the Post sometimes better since the Post gives your ROOTS More Space to Grow Not Clogging the System Up… Thank You…

  • Kristina Tidwell 7 months ago


  • TehOldGamer 7 months ago

    Very nice. I did something similar on my balcony when I lived on the 3rd floor in the city. I used 4" x 4" vinyl fence posts from a big box store, cut in half and stacked 4 high. I built the downspouts from one tier to another so it would adjust the depth of the liquid between 1" and 3", depending on which direction they were installed. It worked great for salad greens. I also had good luck with green onions, in fact, one of the onions became massive. I had a raspberry pi that controlled the pump on/off and logged temperature and humidity. I didn't need to add air. Maybe because the downspouts between tiers was straight PVC and aerated the liquid.

  • Dean Wa 7 months ago

    Im first!! Yaaaay!! Great video. I plan to try that with my greenhouse too. Thanks for the awesome videos Diego!!