The love of plants: planting structure in garden design, with Arne Maynard

The acclaimed garden designer Arne Maynard explained how he created planting structures, talked about some of his iconic plants and explained how he used them in his designs. About the course: The Academy of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) held this lecture on October 15, 2020. Visit our website to watch free live broadcasts and pre-recorded lectures. Garden designer Arne Maynard participated in an ICAA virtual event at his home in Wales. She was introduced by the famous designer Bunny Williams and spoke at her home in Connecticut. Arne Maynard is known for his love of plants and uses them in his garden designs to create year-round structures. The bleached fruit creates a wonderful border feature, the pruned plants add drama and geometry, and the carved earthwork provides texture and layers that can be pruned according to the season or left on the grass. In this online lecture, Arne will broadcast live at his home in Allt y bela in Wales, UK. He will explain how he creates planting structures, talk to us through some of his iconic plants, and explain how he uses them in his designs they. This lecture will use his own garden and some photos and short videos of his private gardens that are rarely seen by the public, so that the audience will have a personal understanding of Arn’s love for plants. As a garden designer, the core of Arne Maynard’s work is his ability to identify and describe the essence of a place. This ability gives his garden a special sense of harmony and belonging. He adopts a collaborative design approach and believes that to be successful, the garden must be related to and respond to the needs of its surrounding landscape, history, buildings in and around it, and the owner. Bold lines and strong architectural frames are its characteristics. Hedges and walls are used to divide the garden into different areas and give a sense of existence and timelessness throughout the year. In order to balance the form of these lines, Arne often planted herbal flowers and roses inside, which are random, lush and expansive. Arne’s design draws on a wide range of reference materials, from architecture to garden history, from interior design to traditional crafts and techniques that are often forgotten. He will use details such as the design of wall covers, gates or garden buildings to add another dimension and bring deeper levels of interest and complexity to the garden. Most importantly, Arne is a passionate and experimental gardener. At his home in Allt y bela in Monmouthshire, South Wales, he is designing and beautifying the garden surrounding the beautiful medieval tower. The recently published The Gardens of Arne Maynard is Arne’s third book and his first book devoted to gardens he designed in Britain, Europe and the United States. Sponsor of the Bunny Mellon course at the School of Classical Architecture and Art. ICAA would like to thank the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation for its generous support of the program, as well as the main co-sponsor of the course Edmund D. Hollander Landscape Architecture Design, the co-sponsor of the film series Janice Parker, and the co-sponsor of continuing education and public projects Charlotte · Moss. Chief Annual Public Program Sponsor: RINK Seasonal Public Program Sponsor: Hyde Park Moldings How to watch more of these programs: This video appears in ICAA’s weekly newsletter “Classicism at Home”. Register now and get a chance to enter the world of architecture, art and design once a week. You will receive a new version every Tuesday, sending online courses and lectures, documentaries, articles, movie recommendations and more directly to your inbox. Learn more and register here:.


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