The layout of my front yard vegetable garden | Summer Travel

Summer garden tour, visit my front yard loft bed, vertical garden and trellis, perennial plant bed and fruit bed. I will introduce the garden layout, varieties, spacing, and harvest and sharing skills along the way. Filmed in District 7A, Long Island, New York in July 2020. Video section 0:00-Introduction 0:47-Perennial base bed 2:41-Front raised bed garden 9:30-Herb container and seedlings 11:51-Vertical garden and trellis 20:51-Today’s harvest! The things I mentioned • Snip N drip irrigation system-• Window frames-• Garden markings-• Lattice nets- [AMAZON]
• Bacillus thuringiensis (BT)-• Labelmaker- [AMAZON]
• High cut seeds-• Restaurant tray-• Market gardener- [AMAZON]

Seeds/Plants • Basil, Rutgers obsessive DMR, High Cut Seeds • Beet, Lutz Green Leaf, Territory Seeds • Beet, Touchstone Golden Beet, High Cut Seeds • Blackberry, Prime Ark Traveller Thornless, Stark Bros.-• Blackberry 、Prime Ark Freedom, Stark Bros.-• Broccoli, Packman, Amazon (Hazzard’s Greenhouse) • Broccoli, Windsor, Amazon (Hazzard’s Greenhouse) • Cabbage, napa, Bilko F1, High Mowing Seeds • Cabbage, radicchio, Leonardo F1, High Mowing Seeds • Carrot, Naples (grain), high mowing seeds • Coriander, Santo, high mowing seeds • Sweet corn, golden bantam, territorial seeds • Cucumber, vine, Marketmore, high mowing seeds • Cucumber, grapes Vine, Sabre F1, High Cut Seeds • Dill, Greensleeves, High Cut Seeds • Echinacea, David Garden • Eggplant, Italy, Camellia F1, High Cut Seeds • Fennel, Indentation, High Cut Seeds • Garlic, Music, High Cut Seeds • Green, Kale, Lacinato, High Cut Seeds • Lavender, Extraordinary Territory Seeds • Marjoram, Etsy (ThePlantFa rm) • Melon, Cantaloupe, True Love F1, High Cut Seeds • Cantaloupe, Cantaloupe, PMR Delicious 51, High Cut Seeds • Melon, Watermelon, Big Tasty Hybrid, Burpee • Melon, Watermelon, Ruby Hybrid, Burpee • Onion, Red, Rossa Di Milano, High Cut Seed • Onion, Yellow, Early New York, High Cut Seed • Oregano, Greek, Etsy (ThePlantFarm) • Oregano, Italian, Etsy (ThePlantFarm) • Parsley, Italian flat leaves, high cut seeds • Peanuts, Jumbo Virginia, Burpee • Pepper, bell, King of the North, High Mowing Seeds • Potato, early , Dark Red Norland, Maine Potato Lady • Potato, early, Superior, Maine Potato Lady • Raspberry, Shortca ke • Rosemary, Arp, Territory Seed • Pumpkin, Butternut, Waltham, Territory Seed • Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pie-Pita F1 Hulless, High Cut Seed • Strawberry, Tristar Stark Bros.-• Tarragon, French, Etsy (ThePlantFarm) • Tea, Camellia, Territorial Seed and Raintree Nursery • Thyme, Etsy (LenasFlowerGoods) • Tomato, Cherry, Sunrise Bumblebee, High Mowing Seed • Tomato, Cherry, Montesino F1 Tomato, High Mowing Seed • Ketchup, Plum Perfect F1, High Mowing Seeds • Tomato Sauce, Granadero F1, High Mowing Seeds • Tomato Slices, Arbason F1, High Mowing Seeds • Tomatoes, Slices, Caiman F1, High Mowing Seeds • Tomato, Slicing, Damsel F1 Tomato, High Mowing Seeds • Zucchini, Dunja F1, High Mowing Seeds (Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission for purchasing these items if you wish. As an Amazon partner, I earn income through eligible purchases. Please rest assured, I only recommend products or services that I have personally used and enjoyed, and will never charge you any additional fees! thank you for your support! ) Other videos I mentioned • Blackberry trellis-• Winter garden (harvesting spinach)-• Strawberry planting-• Garlic flowerbed harvesting-Contact us • Website: • Newsletter: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter: • Pinterest : Mailing address PO Box 721, Huntington, NY 11743 Thanks for watching! Garden like a boss, I will see you soon! .


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