The latest garden design ideas…from the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival

The hot new trend of garden design-regression curve. Find out if a winding path, curved border or round table can give your garden a new look. The RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival is held in early July every year. See: For garden ideas, gardening techniques, and garden inspiration, please subscribe to the Medium Garden YouTube channel here: Medium Garden uploads garden tours of private gardens, gardening advice and interviews with professional gardeners on Saturdays. If your garden is less than one acre, please join us and enjoy more fun in your garden! #garden #gardening #backyard Buy my favorite gardening books, tools and products at the mid-sized garden Amazon store: Please note that the Amazon link is affiliated, which means that if you buy, I may charge a small fee, but not Affect the price you pay. And I only recommend things that I really believe you will like! For small and medium backyards and gardens… see the Medium Garden Blog: More Garden Ideas on Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:.


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  • Esther's Gardening Adventures

    I really enjoy your observations. And the idea of using curves and circles to depict a journey or create privacy seems really appealing. I noticed one shot near the end that included a sort of asian style rain chain but with rectangle pieces. Do you have more pics of that, especially including how it was incorporate in the garden? I'm interested in how asian elements were included.

  • Catherine Dean

    Thank you again for covering another show. Do you know what that white plant is on the last garden you featured? Is it white sage?

  • Janey Collins

    Thanks to Sean James Cameron for recommending this channel. This is extraordinary: articulate, inspirational, and beautiful to watch. Well done, Alexandra.

  • FlowerGrower Smith

    Oooh that was great. I have a 5 x 20 m garden to do down the side of my house and I think I'll pinch some of these ideas. The gardens look lovely. Isn't it weird how they all do very similar things – ie the curves. It's fashion I guess!

  • Jennie Norcutt

    These gardens are beautiful! I'm amazed at the amount of concrete and other hardscape that goes in, then back out. I'm curious as to what lays under all of these. Are the displays done over lawn, or asphalt, or gravel, which has to be brought back to it's original state? I would so love to see one of these shows for myself, but you do such a magnificent job showing them to us that it's almost like we're there. ☺

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