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The Lessons of the Loess Plateau shows how an ancient civilization failed because they degraded their ecosystem functions. This parallels many if not all of the original cradles of civilization. But recently the Chinese people are showing that it is possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems. It’s also known as the Green wall of China Related PostsThe Great Green Wall of ChinaBBC Future Building the Great Green Wall of ChinaPlants Vs Zombies:Great Wall Walkthrough Part 2 (China Version)The Incredible Growing Plant | Cartoon for kids | Fairy Tale | Story for Children | Stories for KidsPlants vs Zombies Great Wall Of China Cartoon 3D Animation Trailer (植物大战僵尸)25 Incredible DIY Garden Fence Wall Art Ideas

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  • Barry Winters 1 year ago

    I get so discouraged and then I find a video like this and that stubborn ray of hope reignites. THANKS!

  • synalag 1 year ago

    Wikipédia (pour moi) : Le lœss est formé principalement de silice (quartz détritique) et de carbonate de calcium (Ca CO3). Il contient, en proportion moindre, des feldspaths, de la biotite (mica) (deux minéraux qui, avec le quartz, entrent dans la composition des sables) et des argiles, souvent de la kaolinite (ces argiles pouvant être agglomérées et former des grains de limon fin).
    Le loess typique est une roche meuble limoneuse, homogène, finement poreuse, de couleur jaunâtre à brunâtre, souvent calcaire (10 à 30 % de CaC03). La composition granulométrique d'un loess typique correspond à du sable fin pour 10 %, du limon pour 75 % (essentiellement du limon grossier) et 15 % d’argile. Les sables éoliens de couverture sont limono-sableux avec une dominante de sable fin (voir sédimentologie).

  • lenomali 1 year ago

    It is not easy to rehabilitate degraded land due to neglect, war, and ignorant. But it can be done with a stable and dedicated government who want it done. Now that China has done it, the world should encourage Chinese government to help the rest of the world in passing this experience and expertise to impoverish nation with similar situation. Sending war ship to distract such meaningful work is not right.

  • Torsten Mandal 1 year ago

    I am happy so see that low-cost tree establishment methods (here bare root seedlings) was used. This is in line with my suggestions to leading Chinese foresters I met at international conferences. Earlier, progress was limited big high costs of using big, seedlings with much soil. I developed, documented and published several improved low-cost to tree establishment in developing countries and provide capacity building to leading and small organisations.

  • Rui Qiang zeng (zeng rui qiang) 1 year ago

    People like meat n wheats n veggies, especially herd livestock that destroy forest to becoming desert overtime. give uo meat n milk n plant fruit trees to revers desertification.

  • Itsaboutthewaterlife 1 year ago


  • kingshtcook 1 year ago

    One question i have is how well did this help bees in the area or did they try to bring some bees back in? Its just ive heard they were wiped out. People dont realize that permaculture is almost like the "true" agricultural revolution and also people can realize our role as organisms on this planet doesn't have to be all about degradation of the land. The earth looked like mars before they began this reconstruction. That is a significant thing to me. Life is supposed to be a positive feedback loop in all things and when you get out of that positive feedback loop, you loose everything. I think its good to search out these positive feedback loops for the environment and where we humans can be a positive force on the environment. Because we have messed up so much I think its not just important that we all have a smaller foot print as it is for us to all actively regenerate damage and break negative loops. Permaculture is the future and i have soo much hope in this lesson being learned. This only cost 500,000,000 which is a tiny percentage of chinas GDP. If they did this everywhere on their land that they could they could have it done in a few years. At what point will it pay for itself? It already has by preventing the damage of floods and drought. China can be a rich people with healthy children that supplement their environment rather than detract it. China can be a model of how the world will feed itself when population reaches crazy levels. I hope they eat well for thousands of years and teach the rest of the world of indrustrial agriculture that you can do this on a large scale without pesticides and artificial fertilizers while feeding EVERYONE and giving everyone something productive and beautiful to do with their lives. I am so happy for these people. In many many many ways i envy these farmers. Also, I hope to see more flowers there in the future. Just because flowers.

  • kingshtcook 1 year ago

    Not only can we help heal our planet WHILE feeding ourselves, if you dream big, these are some of the things we will need to learn to terraform also. When it says in the bible that we are to be stewards of the land this is what it means. It is not mean that we OWN everything and are supposed to eat it all up till its destroyed. The world wants to feed as many of us as we can bear but we need to work with it properly in a way that adds benefits to the world instead of hurting it. 

  • kingshtcook 1 year ago

    Ground looked like mars at first…

  • santos1251 1 year ago

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  • boegar 1 year ago


  • Min Huang 1 year ago

    Impressive and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.