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This video shows step by step installation process followed from the Pump connections to the sprinklers connections in the easiest way to enable anyone install without a plumber. The system irragate the hydroponics fodder perfectly resulting to the best hydroponic fodder
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The Hydroponic Setup Process

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  • Runboy7426

    Just stumbled onto your channel – we have a lot of common interest in growing. How did that led end up treating you and your lettuce?

  • Tricia In VA

    Great instructional video. However, I do have some questions. There are several items you recommend that Amazon no longer carries. I can find replacement items for most (like the light / tubing) … however, the Reservoir Containers have been discontinued. So I have two questions: 1) Can you recommend any other containers? … and … 2) You mention in your video that the Black Mesh Net Pot are 2 inches … yet the link takes you to a 3 inch pod. Can the size be confirmed? Also, I could not find your email address. Sorry, but I am new to YouTube and I don't belong to Facebook. And, I'm probably the ONLY person in the Country without a cell phone! Any help with the reservoir and clarification of the pod size would be very helpful. (Note: I did find a reservoir with four pods, but they are $35 per tray! I like yours much better.) Thanks again for such a detailed video!

  • J Lynch

    Thanks for taking the time to make the video. I noticed several of the Amazon links are items no longer carried or out of stock. At least it provides folks a direction to go in if they're interested.

  • Aamir Saeed Tajalli

    Lovely. Looks great. Peter, what is your water line length? what water pressure you use in order to spray water evenly?

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